Snapchat “Could Not Save Story. Please Try Again” – What’s Wrong?

Recently, a number of Snapchat users have had problems posting to their live story. They are getting an error that says “Could not save story. Please try again”. When users try to post to their story again they continue to get the same message. Snapchat has acknowledged this and has urged users to restart the app or reinstall the app on their device. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone it is very easy to delete the app and reinstall it. I would suggest making certain you remember your password before deleting the app.

Here is what the error message looks like:


If you are still having issues posting to your story you may want to make certain your internet or cell phone connection is working. Check other websites in your Safari or Chrome browser. If all else fails, try contacting Snapchat on Twitter as they are usually very quick to respond.

Have you had issues with a story not saving on Snapchat? Have you found ways to get around this? Was it due to your wifi internet connection?

29 thoughts on “Snapchat “Could Not Save Story. Please Try Again” – What’s Wrong?

  1. Rachael

    I had this problem today, my internet is working fine on my phone. I tried restarting my phone, logging out, tried it with wifi on, tried it without wifi off, made sure my phone was up to date (which it was), and I even deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve allowed photos in the snapchat settings and I have 30 GB free on my phone.

    After none of that worked I contacted snapchat support on twitter and they had me fill out one of their investigation forms.

    What’s weird about it is that I go to save it, the saving icon at the top makes it about 90% around and then it stops. That’s when I get the error.

    I tried saving the story on my brother’s phone and it still doesn’t work. I’m now starting to believe it might be something wrong with my account or just that story in-particular . Also, I logged into an old account of mine on my phone, posted a story, and miraculously enough it saved.

    * Update *
    It’s now the next day. Snapchat hasn’t contacted me and my story went away after the 24 hours. I was able to “save” it by screenshoting each picture that I uploaded to it. Today I uploaded a picture to my story and I was able to save it. If I had to guess I’d say there was something wrong with my story from yesterday.

  2. Jade davis

    Please help I cannot save any of my videos or stories on snapchat and I have storage space and wifi . It also says camera roll is not backed up by snapchat but in my settings it is

  3. Teenie

    Same problem I tried to save my chats and they will not save I have even uninstalled the app and reinstall it and my chat still won’t say what shall I Do

  4. Princess

    I have the same problem Snapchat please fix it before my story deletes itself I really want those videos and pics the funny thing is I can save pictures but not videos so help needed please I don’t have twitter so can’t contact Snapchat that way so any help would be helpful

  5. Amanda

    Hey, go to your snapchat settings. Then go to memories. Then select save to memories and camera roll (or just camera roll, anything suits you better). Hope it works!

  6. Mary luschei

    Same problem. So frustrating there are some memories on here that I really want to keep and I have 12 more hours-mine is different it says the story is saved but it never is it’s been going on for about a month

  7. @sendmen00dznow

    Go to your memories/ snaps
    And choose send as a text message rather than save! And send the picture/ video to yourself. It worked for me 🙂

  8. Shay d.

    Same problem for a week and can’t believe record with filters for a month it’s keep saying we working on a fix it was working great now all of sudden it stopped working plz fix

  9. ThatGuy

    FIX: First you need to see your video(story) again, the one you want to export so they load, then you can export them to your device without the bug. It’s working properly for me now.

  10. areesha saleem

    even i have a same problem i cann’t save my story either i cann’t save my picture and i cann’t post any story it gives me erorr that try again later kindly fix the problem as soon as possible


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