Snapchat Deleted All My Memories – Can I Get Them Back

More and more users are reporting that Snapchat deleted their memories. This can include, but is not limited to, pictures, videos and screenshots. If this has happened to you, it likely broke your heart as there are some great moments that were saved to memories. So, is there any way to get them back or recover them?

From our understanding, once the memories are gone, they are gone. That said, Snapchat has been known to glitch or have errors that fixed themselves. Sometimes users find their friends have been deleted or all their messages are gone only to find them back within a few hours or days.

Before going crazy, wait a few days to see if your Snapchat Memories return. If they do not, it may very well be the case that they are gone forever. This is just another reason you should be saving and backing up all your pictures on iCloud or with Google Photos. It is very easy to do, so start doing it now so you don’t lose any more of your memories.

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