How Do I Get the Snapchat Face Paint Selfie Filter

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This is one that was popular the first day it was released but hasn’t been popular recently. In essence, this Snapchat selfie filter will allow you to throw face paint on yourself and some of it sticks. I have seen a number of people struggle to get this one to work. This is what it looks like and how to do it:


Have you had trouble getting this one to work? Have your friends sent you a private snap using this filter? Do you think this is one they should bring back in the future?

2 thoughts on “How Do I Get the Snapchat Face Paint Selfie Filter

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  2. Princess.s

    I have and iPad 5 an iPad mini and filters don’t work but I have an htc and it works just find I think it’s very stupid and if they don’t fix it soon a Lote of people will stop using there app 😡😡


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