How to See Snapchat Friends QR Code or Selfie Ghost with October 2015 Update

In the latest update of Snapchat (October 2015) users are now able to see the QR Code or Selfie Ghost of anyone that is their friend or has added them. You simply have to press and hold the name of the other Snapchat user and you will be able to see their QR Code, message them, block them or change other settings. This is very effective for someone that gets a lot of new followers every single day. I think this is a sign that Snapchat is going to have some type of discovery options to find other users in the near future. Here is what it looks like:

Will you use this feature? Do you think it will be helpful for you in any way? Personally, I think it is fabulous because I was never able to easily send someone a snap text unless they were my friend. Now, when someone adds me I can quickly shoot them a snap text and ask them how they are or why they added me. Try this feature out and let me know what you think.

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