Why Are Snapchat Users Putting Fruits on Their Stories?

It started just after Christmas Day in December 2016. Snapchat users started posting emojis of fruits on their stories. It then evolved into users saying they were a cherry or blueberry. After that came pineapple, lemon and strawberry. So, how did all of this start and what does it mean?

Here is what they mean

Blueberry = Single
Pineapple = Complicated
Raspberry = Doesn’t wanna commit
Cherry = Relationship
Lemon = Wants to be single
Banana = Can’t find the right person

Well, from our understanding, “it’s a girls only thing to confuse guys, cherry means taken and blueberry means single, it’s to purposely confuse guys.”

To read up on the different Snapchat “fruits” check out these links:

This is not something uncommon with social media as when users get a large amount of free time, they start to use “secret” words, emojis or photos. Have you noticed an increase in the number of mentions of fruit on Snapchat? If so, did you know what it meant?

Some have rumored that the message truly caught fire when it reached Raleigh middle school and high school students. We have not been able to confirm this rumor but can confirm that almost all Raleigh students were well aware of the fruit game by the time it hit a fever pitch on December 27th and 28th.

We found the private message that girls were sending to each other in which they wanted to confuse guys:

22 thoughts on “Why Are Snapchat Users Putting Fruits on Their Stories?

  1. Regina Thrush

    The message clearly states that banana means married. You have written this as “can’t find the right person” which, between married people, could cause some drama. Please consider revising this article.

  2. Emily

    My 13 year old daughter has put an raisin on her snapchat last night i dont think she knew i could see it, I was very confused on its meaning till now and i will be having a long talk with her about it.

    1. Gary

      So you’re going to scold your daughter because you saw something on the internet almost related to something she did? I’m glad you’re not my mother. Raisins aren’t even on the list. Neither are grapes. What does that mean? Socially irresponsible and in need of adult intervention?

      1. Gary

        Sorry, I didn’t see the picture. Sometimes kids joke about stuff like that. If you don’t know if your daughter is in a relationship, she probably doesn’t want to marry someone (although she may joke about it with friends). You have strayed from the ancient wisdom and have had a cow, man. The bovine populace is quite displeased. Social justice attack helicopter, away!


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