Snapchat Officially Announces What the Gold or Yellow Star Emoji Means

We have waited three days to finally get the official word. Here it is:


It means “One of your friend’s Snaps was replayed by you or another Snapchatter within the last 24 hours. I am not certain if this is a “pay to replay” snap or simply a replayed Snap. From my knowledge of the star that I have seen on my Snapchat account I think it is any snap that has been replayed. Remember that Snapchat lets you replay one Snap every 24 hours.

This should clear the air. Do you think this Snapchat best friend emoji is useful? Would you rather have an emoji that shows you how many times your friends have replayed your Snapchat story?

Over the last few months millions of Snapchat users have gone without seeing this emoji icon. The first time they see it they are left wondering what it could possibly mean. While diehard Snapchat users were searching for the Snapchat Yellow Star in September 2015 there are still many that are seeing it for the first time.

Every single day on Twitter there are users thinking the yellow star means that particular person watched your Snapchat story more than once. Note that this is not the case. Any numbers beside Snapchat emojis have nothing to do with the number of times someone watched a story. In the next few months I truly believe Snapchat will add this feature but it is not available in early January 2016.

As soon as the first 2016 Snapchat update is released I will have plenty of articles explaining what is new and exciting. Funny enough, many people will think the Snapchat yellow star is new if there is a Snapchat update. It is amazing to see just how many people search “Is the Snapchat yellow star new?” The answer is no, it came out in September 2015 and has not changed since.

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