How Do I Get the Snapchat Googly Eyes Selfie Filter?

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It looks like there are going to be a few Halloween focused Snapchat Selfie filters. The zombie one is pretty cool but some may like the Googly eyes filter even better. This filter is the sixth in a list of seven filters. If you are having trouble getting the Snapchat selfie filters to work you might want to go into a room that has more light. You may also want to try outside as this could help. Here is what the Googly eyes Snapchat selfie filter looks like:


Not only does it make your eyes big and googly it also makes your mouth look wide open and weird. To get this Snapchat selfie filter to work you will need to raise your eyebrows while looking at your smartphone. Is this a filter you think you will use? What is your favorite Snapchat selfie filter?

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