Snapchat July 2015 Stories Update Infuriates Users

As soon as I saw the latest update to Snapchat I knew it was going to frustrate users. Well, not only has it frustrated them, it has infuriated them. For those that haven’t updated their Snapchat app, the Stories screen now looks like this:


As you can see, the entire top half of the Stories Screen is now the Discover Tab. The Discover Tab was never looked at in the past because users had to swipe right to see these “news” stories. Snapchat wanted to make a little extra money so they decided to throw these Discover Stories front and center. It is still the case that no one watches these news stories and now users are frustrated because it is at the top of the content screen they used to love.

When I was active on Snapchat over the last month I would go straight to the Snapchat Stories screen and check to see who had updated the latest story. In fact, I was receiving over 2.2k views per story at the peak. Since the new update I have not posted a story but I would imagine my numbers will be down tremendously. It is just harder to find user submitted stories.

Taking up this much real estate on a social media app with “sponsored” stories is just crazy. Google gets away with it on search because people have the intent to buy and are searching for something. Users of Snapchat do not want stories shoved in their face. As one of my friends said, “Do you think Snapchat will have the courage to revert back?” They sure need to because the average rating of the Snapchat app has tanked in the Apple App Store.

Personally, I think this change is terrible. On top of the change, there are now always four or five live Snapchat Stories. There is so much content it is becoming debilitating. Snapchat was great when there was one featured story every day or two. Now there are five or six featured stories and the Discover Tab is at the top of the screen. Coming from a huge Snapchat fan, I think this is a step in the wrong direction.

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I loaded Snapchat today after the update and was overwhelmed. I briefly loaded the NYC story and a few seconds in there was a promoted advertisement for soda. I’m not sure if this is new or not as I rarely watch the stories. I immediately went out and purchased this diabetes causing soft drink. I then left, disappointed.

Whoever thought this was a good idea should be fired immediately.