How Do I Get the Snapchat Lightning Storm Selfie Filter?

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This is sure to be a very popular Snapchat selfie filter. In fact, I think it is one of the coolest ones yet. This particular selfie filter turns your eyes into lasers and there is a lightning storm on the screen. To top it off, there are plenty of great audio effects as well. I believe this one will be available many times in the near future; especially when there are major storms hitting a specific area. Here is a picture of what it looks like and a YouTube video of have to do it:


This is one of my personal favorites and I hope they put it in the rotation for the future. What do you think? Is this one of the better Snapchat selfie filters?

2 thoughts on “How Do I Get the Snapchat Lightning Storm Selfie Filter?

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  2. Viraj Shah

    Hello, I have the Snapchat update with only two sets of filters
    One with red lazer beams and one set of 7 with rainbow puke. I was wondering how to get the thundering effect set and all other different sets consisting of money, cute , underwater , etc lenses.



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