Snapchat “Loading” Under Stories – Cannot See the Views or Screenshots

Over the last month, more and more Snapchat users have reported their Stories are showing the “loading…” text under each of their submissions. Instead of being able to click on the story to watch it, see the views and screenshots and potentially delete the story, it is stuck on the loading option.

This started in June 2017 and has continued for well over two weeks. Hopefully this is a glitch that will be fixed sooner rather than later. We have noticed that this error tends to occur most often when you are looking at Snapchat in an area in which there is bad cell phone or wifi service. That said, we did see this error occur in a strong cell phone coverage area on June 27th, 2017.

Have you noticed the “loading…” text under your Snapchat stories? Does it drive you crazy because you cannot check to see who viewed your story or screenshotted it? Comment below to let us know.

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