How to Get the Snapchat Mac and Cheese Face Filter

Well, this is the most popular face filter since the face swap. Today, Snapchat users can play the Kraft Mac and Cheese Snapchat lens game if they have a phone that is compatible. Unfortunately, those with an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s cannot play this game. Also, there are a number of Android phones that cannot play the game. If you have a phone that does not have the Snapchat face filters comment below with your phone and we will make certain Snapchat sees it.

Those of you that have a newer smartphone such as an iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 you can hold down on the screen until the face filters come up. The Mac and Cheese face filter should be the first one on the list today. We would imagine this will be an option for the next week as the game is going to be extremely popular.

If you have any questions about the Mac and Cheese face filter feel free to comment below.

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I have an iPhone 5S, but the filter isn’t showing up for me. Is this filter provided worldwide? Or just in the US?


If you have updated the app, then it should show you the filters.