Snapchat Map Bitmoji Carrying Black Bag – Halloween Related

First it was the Orange Halloween bag and now it is the Black Halloween bag. It is quite clear the Bitmoji on the Snapchat Map carrying a bag is suppose to be trick or treating. There is very little documentation of this. We have deduced that the bag being empty and the bag being full of candy means those that are out and about are likely trick or treating. Interestingly, the amount of candy in the bag has nothing to do with the time of day.

What other Halloween related outfits or activities have you seen with your Bitmoji on the Snapchat Map?

7 thoughts on “Snapchat Map Bitmoji Carrying Black Bag – Halloween Related

  1. Anon

    Broomsticks mean you are in the car, black bag means you’ve tried on a costume and orange means you’ve been walking around town.

    1. Serena

      I don’t think the fullness of the bag has anything to do with walking around town because I haven’t left the house at all in a few days and my bag is full.


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