Snapchat Map Bitmoji Carrying Orange Bag – Halloween Related?

On Friday, October 27th, 2017 Bitmoji and Snapchat users are seeing their Bitmojis holding orange bags. These are not shopping bags that show up around shopping malls. It seems to be the case that these are Trick or Treating bags. That said, it has not been confirmed. We have noticed that some orange bags are full of Halloween Candy and some are not. Is there a way to make certain your bag is full? Is it something to do with Stranger Things 2? Does it have to do with being at a Halloween Party?

Are you seeing these organ bags on the Snapchat Map? What do you think it means?

5 thoughts on “Snapchat Map Bitmoji Carrying Orange Bag – Halloween Related?

  1. Anon

    I went onto Bitmoji and changed to a Halloween cat costume and then went on maps and found I carried a black sack. It stayed when I changed back to normal clothes

  2. Kiera

    To get your bag filled with sweets, I think you need to have been on snapchat in more than one location; it’s like you’ve been trick-or-treating 😜


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