Snapchat Map Bitmoji Halloween Outfits – Witch Broom

On Saturday, October 28th, 2017 some Snapchat users are seeing their Bitmoji riding a witch broom. We do not know how to make your Bitmoji character do this. We also don’t know how to make certain your orange bag is full of candy. Have you seen any other Halloween Bitmoji outfits on the Snapchat Map? Do you know how to make them appear?

2 thoughts on “Snapchat Map Bitmoji Halloween Outfits – Witch Broom

  1. Micayla

    The broom is when you’re driving, like how a car shows up when you drive. Then the potion pot when you and your friends are in the same place. I do not know what the bags mean though

  2. Rebecca

    The broom takes the place of the car. If Snapchat detects you’re in a car it shows your Bitmoji in a car, but currently you will be shown riding the broom instead.


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