Snapchat Map Driving Directions and Traffic Updates Coming?

Now that Snapchat has released the brand new Snapchat Map is it possible that the service will offer driving directions and traffic in the near future? While Google Maps and Waze have a stronghold when it comes to driving directions, it is hard to argue being able to see short 10 second videos of traffic and congestion coming up.

Snapchat has many great opportunities when it comes to the Snapchat Map including promoting businesses in terms of high amounts of activity. With millions of Snapchat users sharing all kinds of great content and data, why not use this to help people avoid traffic and get to their destination faster. Not only can it help Snapchat users get to their destination, it can show them exactly what is going on at that destination.

Do you think Snapchat Map will have driving directions and traffic updates in the near future? Will it be similar to Waze in that people will report where the cops are and where accidents have happened? Getting to see the accident will be much more valuable than simply seeing a red line on Google Maps.

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