How Does Snapchat Map Know What You Are Doing?

There has been much debate as to how the new Snapchat Map knows what you are doing. You know, when you are listening to music and your Bitmoji icon on Snapchat has headphones on. Well, that one is obvious as Snapchat will just know when your headphone jack is plugged in. But how does the Snapchat Map know when you are studying, running, shopping or other activities that aren’t so obvious?

From our understanding, the machine learning takes your location and makes a deduction. If you tend to be near a library or university at certain times, Snapchat assumes you must be studying or reading. If you are at a shopping mall on a Saturday, one would guess you must be shopping. While Snapchat Map isn’t always right, it is right a lot of the time.

Someone that has a much better understanding of machine learning can explain how Snapchat Map knows what we are doing most of the time. If this freaks you out, there is always the opportunity to turn it off at any time.

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