Snapchat Money Trophy – The Last of the New Trophies

UPDATE: There is the potential that the Snapchat money trophy is available if you sign up for Snapcash with a debit card or credit card on the Snapchat app. Try it out and let me know if it works in the comments below. This has yet to be confirmed. Let me know if it works for you in the comments.


We finally have all seven (7) of the new trophies. After learning about the bullseye or target yesterday I found out about the money trophy today. The money trophy can be achieve by purchasing lenses. I am not certain how many you have to buy but I know you have to buy a handful. If you want to spend $10 to find out please let me know how many you had to buy in the comments below.

The Snapchat money trophy looks like this:


Now that you know how to get all 23 Snapchat trophies we will have to wait for the newest update from Snapchat to get more. Many people have been asking me, “What do I get for these trophies?” or “What do they mean?” At the present time it is just a way for Snapchat determine if you are a power user or not. As we move forward I would imagine Snapchat will offer some benefits to power users because they know they can make more money off you.

What other trophies would you like to see in the future? I would imagine we are going to start to see more trophies for stories and the number of views on stories. We shall see.

25 thoughts on “Snapchat Money Trophy – The Last of the New Trophies

  1. xbence22x

    Add my snapchat –> xbence22
    I can help everyone with the trophies ! 😉
    You can also spam me for snapscore !

  2. Joshua Oakmont

    It is now confirmed how to get the money trophy. One of my friends and I just got it today, you have to have a transaction using the Snapcash feature of more than twenty-five dollars, he sent me the money and then I just sent it back to him, fairly simple method, and not as difficult of a trophy to get as everyone made it seem.

  3. Kiril.sevillano

    Add me on sc for help with trophies & u can spam me 4 score and i will snap back or not if u want me to kiril.sevillano

  4. Axel

    Can I have some help, I’m in France so I can’t get the Snapcash trophy, could someone do it for me thanks

  5. Devon Moss

    dude I’ve done everything for this snapcash trophy why isn’t this working 😡. Someone help. Help me add me on sc: bmxandsnowboard, send me a screenshot of this so I know where u got me from


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