Is Snapchat the New Dating App for College Students?

Since its debut in 2014, Snapchat has become one of the most popular apps on the market. Created by Stanford University students Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown, Snapchat is a video messaging app that allows users to take photos, record videos, add drawings and text, and send them to a selected list of recipients from their address books.

College students all across the country have been using Snapchat to connect with their peers. Snapchat has been particularly beneficial to college singles who are interested in interacting with potential dating prospects. The app allows twenty-somethings to experiment with humor and emotion to figure out how they relate to other singles.

Picture this. You are a single twenty-one year old at a college party. Out of the corner of your eye, someone sparks your interest. When the night is over and you’ve managed to have a few conversations with him or her about college football, the newest brunch place near campus, or spring break, you decide to exchange Snapchat information.

The next days (and maybe even weeks) consist of sending one another funny pictures and videos. You may be so intrigued and/or infatuated with this love prospect that you take advantage of the screenshot feature on your phone. Since “snapchats” only last several seconds, screenshotting is a way for you to capture the beauty, creativity, charm, class, humor, or whatever else you see in him or her.

Unlike Facebook, Snapchat is a more private and genuine social outlet. It allows college students to be vulnerable and truly express themselves to the people they enjoy conversing with. While Facebook does not always reflect a person’s true identity, Snapchat makes it easy for individuals to reflect their true selves without the worry that they are being judged.

Snapchat also gives college singles the opportunity to meet other singles directly through the app. It provides a fun and relaxed environment for anyone looking to meet someone special. Users can browse through Snapchat profiles to find someone that catches their eye. With the block feature, college students can simply end contact with someone that they are annoyed with or no longer interested in.

Whether college students use Snapchat to engage with someone they met in class or at a party or meet someone through the app that they probably would have never crossed paths with in real life, it is a fun and innovative dating resource that should not be overlooked.

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