Snapchat Night Mode on Android, iPhone 5s and iPod

If you want to receive the moon Snapchat trophy you have to send 50 Snaps while in night mode. Unfortunately, there are a number of Snapchat users that do not have this option because of their phone. To my knowledge, unless you have an iPhone 6 or newer you do not have the “night mode” option on your Snapchat app. That means if you are using any type of Android or an iPhone 5s, 5, 4s or 4 you will not be able to get this trophy.

I also understand that almost all versions of the iPod do not have this feature either. This is very unfortunate as I know a number of people want to get all the Snapchat trophies so their trophy case looks like this:


Unless something changes in the near future you will likely not be able to get this trophy on your Android or older model iPhone. One work around is to sign in to your account on someone else’s iPhone 6 or 6s and quickly send 50 snaps using night mode. This won’t take very long so ask your friends that have the newer model iPhone if you can sign in to your Snapchat on their device for 30 minutes. This will allow you to achieve the moon trophy.

Remember that new Snapchat trophies will likely come out very soon.

30 thoughts on “Snapchat Night Mode on Android, iPhone 5s and iPod

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    1. Shauna

      We should have the right? Its not like they’re banning women or black people from it some types of phones just don’t have the soft ware to run it

  2. josh

    what’s the point having something on snapchat that we can’t get just because some of us unfortunately cannot afford the newest upgrade of iPhone! it’s outrageous!!

    1. Jo

      Honestly it’s not cause we can’t afford the iphone, most people like me just don’t like Apple phones I personally prefer samsung!

  3. Shauna

    Calm down Christ its not like Snapchat hire assins to kill people who don’t get it some phones don’t have the software to run it, it might have nothing to do with Snapchat. plus most apple users couldn’t use the filter things until recently

    1. Bradley

      Shut up man god they’re saying it’s not fair they add the trophy we can’t earn! Which it isn’t! So please do us a favour and get off the internet

      1. Harry

        Seriously guys your over reacting there are kids in Africa that are starving to death and you guys are complaining about not being able to get a trophy on Snapchat??

    2. Jordan J

      Sorry but I’m pretty sure nearly all modern day phones have have the “technology” to switch cameras and use night mode. Most phones have night mode in their ordinary camera app for god sake, so stop trying to sound smart πŸ˜‚

  4. Rebecca

    Its stupid that Iphone’s are able to do things that android isn’t…. I hate the android emoji’s πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ‘Ž

  5. teresa

    it should be a snapchat update not a phone update😴 whaf if people are trying to get all trophies but they need an Iphone to accomplish this? so stupid

  6. Isidora lopez

    Shauna everybody is saying its nit fair and you are trying to act smart. How is that working out for you?πŸ€”

  7. Rosie

    Add up Rosie.btfld
    this is actually really sad that this is what most of you spend your time on, getting all the trophies on sc like actually, walk your dog or go to Sainsbury’s for Christ sake, but that’s just my opinion so yeah…

  8. Evelynn

    I honestly find this quite retarded. Snapchat only cares about iPhone users and that’s very unfair. I am an android user (I cannot stand iPhone.) And because I choose to have a Samsung, I can’t get a certain trophy? It’s just honestly very stupid.


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