How Do I Get the Snapchat Rainbow Puke or Vomit Selfie Filter?

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It is back! This is the first of the original seven of the Snapchat selfie filters to make a second appearance. There is a good chance this one the most popular as it received the most headlines in the press. In fact, there are even some that have created Snapchat Halloween costume ideas with face paint to emulate this selfie filter.

Here is a picture and a YouTube video of the puking rainbow or rainbow vomit:


I bet we will see many more of the scary faces coming back such as the zombie and other “screaming” ones. I guess we will have to see what Snapchat has in store for Halloween.

4 thoughts on “How Do I Get the Snapchat Rainbow Puke or Vomit Selfie Filter?

  1. Samantha

    This sucks the snapchat filters won’t work on my iPod 5th generation and I wish it could and the filters should be for every device I want to play with the filters so bad so please fix this NOW!!! PS I want to puke rainbows out of it and have hearts coming out of my eyeballs from the app snapchat so please fix this update for snapchat.


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