How Do I Get the Snapchat Rainbow Tongue Selfie Filter?

To see all the Snapchat Selfie Filters go here. There are new Snapchat face filters every single day so make sure to check your Snapchat app in the morning when you get up. You will be surprised at all the fun face filters they create.

The Snapchat selfie filters are going to be extremely popular in the next few days and weeks. If you have found this article you have likely seen a friend of your share a video or a picture of themselves with a rainbow tongue flowing out of their mouth. It will look something like this:


If you want to get this filter all you have to do is have proper lighting in your house or wherever you are at. Put your Snapchat in selfie mode and hold down on your face. Once you do this you will be given filter options. From what we understand, there are going to be seven filter options with one constantly rotating. This particular filter will be the third from the left. Once you select the filter you will then need to hold down the picture button to take a video or a picture.

Is this a filter you enjoy? Do you think you will use it over the course of the next few days?

63 thoughts on “How Do I Get the Snapchat Rainbow Tongue Selfie Filter?

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    1. Fabulous

      I was here to find out how to get the other filters. I only had a few. I have a recent iPod (forgot what gen) and cannot access most of the filters. Is there a way to fix this?

        1. Tracy Sophie Tryhosi

          Tbh you can’t really do anything apart from upgrade your phone as the snapchat effect sadly doesn’t work on that phone

  2. aoife

    just updated can see the tropy etc but cant seem to get the rainbow working to i get the filter before or after pictures is taken how long should i be holding down on my face damnnnn i want this filter so bad

  3. Kel

    It won’t work I’ve updated and followed every instruction I’ve been give I have a galaxy s4 all up to date what am I doing wrong

  4. Monique

    It does work. All you need to do is be in good lighting so not really blurry and have to camera facing directly to your face. Then hold onto your face for about 3 seconds and they should pop up. It took me a while to figure it out. But i know it works on apple and samsung. 🙂 i hope i was a bit of help. 🙂

    1. rainbow snapchat girl???\

      it is not working i have been trying all morning do you have to have a specific device like a specific iphone generation

  5. Emily

    I’ve been trying this for the last 20 minutes. I’ve updated my Snapchat and everything, but getting no luck getting this.

    1. Kelmisha Jackson

      I need more details because my filters want pop up. I have tried it many times, and my background light is bright.

  6. Kirsten

    Step 1) Make sure you update your snapchat app
    Step 2) Make sure you have enough lighting.

    If you don’t have good lighting it won’t work very well….

  7. Baron Chan

    I am using Samsung Note II. My Snapchat is up to date but can’t use this function. I guess it doesn’t work on older devices like mine because when I go to Snapchat on Playstore, it says that the new feature only works on newer Android devices.

  8. Anthony

    This is not true, on my phone I needed to put it in selfie mode then hold my finger on my face. I tried it a couple times and then the new thing’s appeared. Good luck

    Btw I’m using the Samsung Galaxy S5

  9. Machete_x

    I’m having no luck with the rainbow I’ve done everything step-by-step. Does it only work for iPhone users? Or Samsungs.

  10. Lizzy

    I have an iPhone6 and the new update but the rainbow filter is missing along with a couple of others from the looks of it. I only have 6 of them. Why can’t I get them all? It’s not even an option. 🙁

  11. xobabyxo

    I have the iPhone 6 Plus and did the update and everything and I can’t get all the filters:( esp the rainbow one please help is t just my phone

  12. Jayde

    The only reason why the puking rainbow is from the older update there is a newer update so go see is you need to update your snapchat

  13. alyssa

    Hi I have an iPhone 5s it’s all updated as well as snapchat. I have the 7 filters , no rainbow or zombie nothing cool? How come. I have the best lighting as well(school lighting)

  14. Dabia

    I have iPad mini 1 and the filters doesn’t work and I also deleted it and get it like 3times and it’s doesn’t work like if someone knows how can I get it tell me please


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