How to Do the Snapchat Rewind or Reverse Video Filter


The final of the three Snapchat video filters updated on October 28th, 2015 was the reverse or rewind filter. This basically, well, rewinds your video. It is really cool though. The filter looks like this on your Snapchat screen:


It looks like the rewind button you would see on your TV or DVD player. I will make a YouTube video showing you how to do it shortly.

25 thoughts on “How to Do the Snapchat Rewind or Reverse Video Filter

          1. Amelia henderson

            Me too I have the same problem been searching how for a few days so far it only shows for iPhone or says not for Samsung galaxy s5:( just have to keep researching!:(

    1. Britt

      I have a Motorola Droid Mini and I can’t get it either >:( I also can’t record videos with their funny face filter things. Sounds like Snapchat discriminates against everything that isn’t Apple XP

  1. Blu

    I have a Samsung Core Prime, and I can’t rewind. My friend was having the same problem, but I don’t know what phone she has.

  2. Andrew

    I have a galexy s6 and no rewind… lame…bi have one of the. Ewes phone and can’t do something like that… snapchat need to step up…

  3. Keyotta

    I have a samsung galaxy note 3 i have updated my snapchat numerous times and i still havent been able to use the rewind and fast forward filter…why is that

    1. Boner Jams O3

      Instead of updating, try uninstalling the app , then reinstall it. I have a galaxy note 4 & it worked for me. I also have a note 3, but i never had issues with snap on that device

  4. Boner Jams O3

    I have a galaxy note 4 & it was working at some point but then stopped out of no where. I went to update it, still nothing. But then I decided to uninstall the app then reinstall it & that did the trick ! Now all my filters ff,sm & rw works.

  5. Krysi

    i have a galaxy S5 and it doesnt have ffwd rewind nor slow can someone explain why and suggest ways to get it?


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