How Do I Get the Snapchat Robot Face Selfie Filter?

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With the September 2015 Snapchat update users can now add selfie filters. It used to be the case that filters were just screen filters but now you can add them to your face. One of the filters is a robot type filter that makes it look like you are inside a computer. Here is what it looks like:


To gain access to this filter you will need to make certain you are in good lighting. If it is too dark your Snapchat app will not pick up on your face. Put Snapchat is selfie mode and hold down on your face. After a few seconds you will be given the option of several different filters. This option is the second options with the heart eyes being the first.

When the filter starts you can click to take a picture at any time. When you do this you can then send the snap to a friend or add it to your story. This is a very animated app as you will see when you try it out. What do you think about thisĀ filter? Do you like it?

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