Why is My Snapchat Speed Filter Always Wrong?

When the Snapchat “speed” filter first came out users from all over the world were trying to run as fast as they could to get the speed up to 20 or 25 mph. Then came the driving Snaps in which people would snap pictures and videos while in a car that was going over 100 mph. Somewhere along the way the Snapchat speed filter broke and we have all experienced it.

When bored many Snapchat users will just check out the different filters to see what is available. Even if someone is sitting still Snapchat sometimes reads that they are going 5 or 10 mph. No one has really explained why this is the case. You have likely received Snapchat pictures and videos from people that are not moving yet their speed filter says they are going over 5 mph.

It doesn’t look like Snapchat is eager to fix this anytime soon as the speed filter has been this way for quite some time. If you are finding that your speed filter is almost always wrong do not fear it is something wrong with your iPhone or Android smartphone. Many people have this issue.

If there are any updates related to the Snapchat speed filter we will update them here. If you have noticed anything different about this filter feel free to leave a comment below and let us know how we can fix the problem.

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