Snapchat Update January 2018 – The “New” Snapchat

Most of us thought Snapchat would update their app to the “New Snapchat” in December 2017. While some Android users and a few iPhone users were updated, most were not. In fact, a large majority of Snapchat users don’t even know what the “New Snapchat” is. That will change quickly when the update rolls out in January 2018. Basically, there is no longer a stories screen and the Discover Section has added celebrity stories.

There are a few other changes, but the main updates are the “Friends Screen” and the “Discover Screen”. We have had many people ask how to find stories now that the latest Snapchat update has been made. The only way you can watch stories is on the Friends Screen which is very frustrating. You have to click individual users in the way that you once chatted with them.

As soon as the update rolls out to all iPhone and iOS users, we will have plenty of resources discussing if you can go back to the old Snapchat and how to find specific features you are used to. How do you feel about the new January 2018 Snapchat Update? Do you want to go back to the old Snapchat where there was a specific screen for your friends’ stories?

3 thoughts on “Snapchat Update January 2018 – The “New” Snapchat

  1. JORJA

    The new update is the worse , you can’t even clear conversions you have to do it one by one , and with the streaks and everything it’s so stupid .WE WANT OLD SNAPCHAT BACK!

  2. Carla

    Just updated snap today and I have to say this is the most disappointing update yet, If I go to the add contacts list I can see their snap story’s without being friends and their not public either, Snapchat is making it so easy for someone to be able to stalk another person. I can’t clear conversation and have to click on friends stories to be able to see it. This update is shit! Should go back to the days when we could see who’s best friends someone had


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