Snapchat Update on June 8th, 2015 Includes Battery Filters

On Monday, June 8th, 2015 there was a major Snapchat update for iPhone users. Early in the day the update was not available to Android users but I am positive it will be available in the Google Play Store within the next 24 hours. Below are the updates to Snapchat:

  • Double tap the screen while recording a Snap to switch between the selfie and rear-facing cameras!
  • Login Verification — when you log in to Snapchat on a new device, we can send you a SMS code to make sure it’s you! Turn on this feature in Settings.
  • Battery filters — add a little something to your Snaps when you’re all juiced up 🙂 or low on battery 🙁

UPDATE: The battery filters work above 95% and below 10%. They look like this:


The battery filters and the double tap on the screen to switch from a rear facing to a front facing camera will likely be the most used. I tried out the double tap feature and it works very well. I had 86% battery on my iPhone 5s and there was no battery filter. I would imagine the batter filters will be available when you are at 100% or 95%+ and lower than 20%. I will try them out over the next 24 hours and post some screenshots.

I tried out the battery filter and found out that anything above 95% allows you to use the filters. I am going to try to drain my battery and see how low it has to get to use the low battery filter.

Have you downloaded the newest version of Snapchat? What do you think?


46 thoughts on “Snapchat Update on June 8th, 2015 Includes Battery Filters

  1. Maddie

    My phone is at 17% and there is still not a battery percentage filter. I’ve had the update too and it’s still not there. When will we be able to see it?

  2. Tori

    I updated the app and tried the new video feature and the battery percentage filter and neither of them work. wondering when this will be fixed?

  3. Gabby

    I got the iPhone 5c and I updated snapchat and I can flip the camera both ways while recording a video but I can’t get the battery filter to work. Help?

  4. Kenzie

    My snapchat is so messed up I don’t have best friends anymore and when people snapchat me it’ll say they’re pending and that I unadded them and I keep having to delete and redownload my snapchat

  5. Ashley!

    Why can’t there just be a filter regardless!? No matter what the percent is! Because I am on 45% as I type this!

  6. Hannah

    I don’t understand the filter situation though. So you take a picture and if you are above 95 or lower than 10 you get more filters??

  7. Shannon

    The battery percentage thing does not show up until your percentage is 10% or lower / 95-100%. Please dont ve dtupid and actually read the full article before you start jumping to conclusions about the update. Thank you.

    1. Snapchat❤

      Thank you! It’s so annoying when people start moaning before reading the article!�����������������☺☺�������☺☺☺☺☺☺

  8. Thea

    The percent filter works of you have the battery above 95%(Green).. The red works if you have the percent at 10% or lower.

  9. Reina

    Someone Please Help the video double tap will not work I have an iPod 5 and got the update already

  10. shanteria

    guys this is getting so overrated and over the top! if your phone is on 1-10 it will get the battery percentage. if your phone is on 95-100 you will get the battery percentage, but it mostly works when it’s on 100, not 95. you don’t get anymore filters but the three they already have. all your getting is the new battery percentage & when you double tap the screen it changes the camera ( either on selfie or regular pic) I hope this works for everyone out there with questions!!! please read this cuz it’s very helpful and pretty much the answer so read it! thank you

  11. Levi

    Well ya see. iPods or at least my iPod dies when it reaches 10 percent so other than fully charged the filter will not work.nkind of useless. Battery icon for all percents.

  12. Cynthia Santoyo

    Does it only work for phones cause I have the filter but not the camera switching thing and I have an iPod 5

  13. Isabella

    None of the new things from the update are working on my iPod, and I left my battery until it turned off it still didn’t work?

  14. Camilla

    Come on guys! Read the article! The battery filter only works if you’re above 95% and below 10%!
    God, please read the whole article!

  15. Kayfbee

    I wish that rather than making these battery filters that they reduced the battery usage of the app, it is the biggest battery hog on my phone.

  16. Jada

    Guys for those of you who find that the battery filter is not working, be sure to make sure location services is turned on. If it is not turned on in your settings for this app, the filters will not work !

  17. Heidi

    I am on 5 % and i only have the time filter and i tried it yesterday when it was fully charged and it only had the time filter any idea on how to stop this

  18. Riley

    My snapchat doesn’t even have the update. iPhone 5c last available update was July 1st, and I’ve restarted my phone twice.


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