If I Update My Snapchat Will It Affect My Streaks?

The latest Snapchat Update is available in January 2017 and millions of users are debating updating their iOS device solely because of streaks. It is amazing how important Snapchat Streaks are these days. Fortunately, we can report that if you update to the latest version of Snapchat, you are not going to lose your streaks. You can go ahead and hit update on your iPhone and you have nothing to worry about.

Have any of the updates in the past ruined your streaks? Were you one of the users that had your streaks messed up when Snapchat was down last month?

One thought on “If I Update My Snapchat Will It Affect My Streaks?

  1. Brittany Stella

    i’ve almost lost streaks twice already even if we snapped within 24 hours. i physically have to delete the app so the hour glass goes away. can we get this fixed??


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