Snapchat Views Way Down Since February 2018 Snapchat Update

Well, the numbers are in, the new Snapchat update is horrible for users. If you watch stories and enjoy when you see other people watching your stories, the numbers are very bad. When Snapchat was at its peak in the summer and fall of 2016, our Snapchat account was getting about 1,000 views in the first 20 minutes of posting a story. Within two minutes we would have over 100 views. We added a story to our Snapchat after the update and we received 15 views in the first two minutes. This is down 85% since the peak.

We have seen a steady decline in Snapchat story views in the last several months but our Snapchat account was consistently getting a total of 5k to 6k views. It will be shocking if our latest story with the new update breaks 1k views.

If Snapchat wanted to push users away from its platform, it is doing so very quickly. There is already a petition to bring back the old Snapchat.

One thought on “Snapchat Views Way Down Since February 2018 Snapchat Update

  1. Jordan

    It’s the worst. I used Snapchat more for the viewing of news articles and fun facts in the right section but now I am forced to browse through “popular” and “Official” stores of people I don’t even know. I have to flag their stories just so I don’t have to my viewership is probably down 90%. I am now back to Instagram 🙁


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