Snapchat White Ghost Middle Finger Meaning

Over the last few weeks a number of people have asked me why one of the Snapchat white ghosts is giving the middle finger. For those unfamiliar, when a new person adds you on Snapchat, their profile has a white ghost if they do not have a selfie picture within their QR code ghost. There are about a dozen different ghosts but some can be hard to see. The two white ghosts in question look like this:

middle-finger-snapchat-white-ghost snapchat-white-ghost-middle-finger

As you can clearly see, neither of these white ghosts are giving the middle finger although they look like that when not zoomed in. One is simply placing its fingers it’s chin and the other is giving a “Rock On” sign with the thumb, index finger and pinky in the area. Some diehard sports fans might think this is for the University of Texas but it is the “Rock On” sign.

Before assuming that someone doesn’t like you and is giving the middle finger, recognize there are no ghosts that are giving the middle finger.

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