Snapchat White Ghost with Two Hearts as Eyes

The Snapchat white ghosts have been a hot topic of conversation over the last several months. Initially, the white ghosts appeared back in August of 2015 next to users that recently added you. Now, the white ghosts are next to the name of friends that do not have a Snapchat selfie in their QR code ghost. One of the most popular Snapchat white ghosts is the one with two pink hearts as eyes.

A number of people are asking what this can mean. Does it mean that person is your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend? Does it mean it is someone potentially has a crush on you? At this point, Snapchat has not told us what any of these ghosts mean. From what we understand they are completely random. The Snapchat white ghost with two hearts as eyes is the middle one in the first row below:


If you have noticed that this particular ghost means anything feel free to comment below. Maybe we can all figure out what these ghosts mean.

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