Snapchat White Ghosts on Friends List in January 2016

While the latest Snapchat update (January 26th, 2016) didn’t bring that many changes, one major change we did see was the addition of the white Snapchat Ghost faces beside friends on the friends list. If your friend does not have a QR Code selfie you will see a unique white ghost fact. Back in August 2015 I wrote an article about these white ghosts and encouraged readers to try and explain what they meant. You can find the article here. The consensus is that no one really knows what these ghosts mean.

When looking for new friends and typing in names I also noticed that the Snapchat white ghost faces change with every additional letter. Do not think that because a user has a specific ghost beside their name that it is any significance to you or their Snapchat presence. I would like to say that it is part of the new best friends or a way to track how much someone users Snapchat but that does not seem to be the case.

Have you noticed a specific white ghost on a friend based on a location, their sex or something else? Do girls have different white ghosts than guys? Is there any reason why someone will have a smiley ghost vs a sad faced ghost? Feel free to comment below with your opinions.


8 thoughts on “Snapchat White Ghosts on Friends List in January 2016

  1. Lauren

    The faces are all to do with how old your account is. The newest accounts have a ghost that isn’t pictured above with a smile and purply sparkle, but I can’t figure out the order of the rest, but I knew who of my friends had the newest accounts etc and viola 🙂

  2. Peter Maczko

    I believe these ghosts represent nothing except a reason for everyone to keep “snapating” (snap chatting; new word. When it hits the urban dictionary, I WANT CREDIT) and continue the buzz.


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