Snapchat Yellow Star Best Friend Emoji – What Does It Mean?


UPDATE: Snapchat officially announces what the Yellow Star means:


This means “This person has replayed one of their own snaps.” How does one replay their own snaps? This is a bit confusing but here it is:


While messing around with a friend on Snapchat today I received the yellow star emoji beside her name. I have never seen this before. Does anyone know what it means? It looks like this:


We sent a few private snaps to each other using the speed filter. I sent her one using the new Snapchat selfie filters. Maybe this has something to do with the yellow or gold heart? Please feel free to make your predictions below. The Snapchat support tab on the app does not say anything about the Yellow Star best friend emoji.

87 thoughts on “Snapchat Yellow Star Best Friend Emoji – What Does It Mean?

    1. sam

      It’s when you send a snap to yourself and replay your own snap, then you will have a star next to your name and everyone who is your friend can see the star even if you have never snapped them b4.

  1. Kane

    I was in the same boat this morning! Like whyy does this person have a star and I also lost my Heart haha! But I figured out how to get the star.

    Just send a Snap to yourself, and then hit replay!
    Simple you will now have a star to everyone!

  2. Carl Jefferson

    the yellow heart means you are each orher #1 snap best friends, the red heart mean you have been each others #1 snapchat best friends for 2 weeks, the pink heart means you have been snap beat friends for 2 months.

  3. A

    All of your theories are incorrect. I’ve tested it out and found out the meaning, the gold star appears when someone has replayed that users snapchat. For example if Mary sends Bob a snapchat. Then Bob replays that snapchat. Mary now has the gold star beside her name, which is now visible to everyone that has her added as a friend. Try it out and let me know!

    1. Corinna Wade

      That doesn’t explain why I have the star with people i haven’t snpachatted in over a year and people i have never snap chatted sooo

      1. Mariam

        Um.. yes it does. User A said that once Bob replayed Mary’s snapchat, Mary’s name had a gold star next to it, visible to all her friends, regardless of how long it had been since she last snapchatted them.

        If you have a star with people you’re out of touch with, all that means is that someone on your friends list replayed a snap you sent, and everyone on your list can see that.

    2. Zero

      Soo… what your saying if any person replays that persons snap… a snap… (could it be their story?) they recieve the gold star. So in a way we can see who sends nudes to people (joke). Well that sounds like invasion of privacy (serious now). Isn’t this almost kinda just like how we use to be able to see other’s top 3. Like what happens if this person doesnt want people knowing that someone is replaying the snaps they send to people. Idk but at least that’s good to know. Really seems like a weird thing to add. I’d think itd make more sense if it was if that person replayed your snap they get a star

    3. Sam

      That isn’t it because the gold star is popping up with people that Ive either barely snapped or never snapped.
      But it is also popping up with people that I am best friends with.

  4. George

    I think the star means they related your snap story. If they view your snap story more than once they get a star next to their name

  5. Louis

    It’s when u send yourself a snap and replay it and then everyone that has u on snapchat will then have a star next to ur name!

  6. Shana

    Just to through something in the works here, it’s not replay… Someone whom I haven’t snapped in over a week has a star next to their name suddenly, as well as someone who has been snapchatting me today (i haven’t replied to them) has just collected a gold star next to their name.
    Another friend has replayed a snapchat from me today, and that is showing up the same as it did previously to notify me (circle with arrow going backwards)

  7. Snap

    I tried it now With my friends. And I sent a snap to myself and then replayed it and now there’s a star by my name on my friends snapchats. Don’t know if that’s What it means but you can try it and tell if it worked.

  8. Alice

    I think that it could mean that you have sent a surrender amount of smapchats to each other, this is because if you look at the trophie case their could be one that said how many snaps you have sent and that start is one of them.

  9. Pat

    carl Jefferson is completely incorrect, I didn’t get a red heart with my best friend until we hit 120 day snap streak and didn’t even see a pink and we made it to 148 days…

  10. kiara

    im sure its not true that theyve replayed your story/snap…. i have a shooting star next to celebrities and its pretty unlikely that they would even add me back

  11. Corinna Wade

    ok well i have stars with people i haven´t snap chatted in up to a year so i don’t think it means you have recently replayed a snapchat with them

  12. Anna

    this showed up beside one of my friends names that I had never snapchatted before and we were only sending messages not snaps

  13. Bbb

    No it’s becaue they replayed someone’s snapchat even if it wasn’t you for example marry sent bob a snapchat bob replayed it therefore he had use his 1 time replay this day so the star shows by his name

  14. Mobrockers

    Me and my girlfriend just tested this out. When I replayed a snapchat she sent me, she got a gold star next to her name in MY list, when she then replayed a snap I sent her I got a gold star in HER list. So I guess all it tells you is that you replayed one of their snaps that day? Unless it does something else as well.

  15. Me

    My friend has blocked my sister from seeing her story, but still has a star next to my sisters name? So it can’t be because they replayed a snapchat? And they don’t talk much so wouldn’t of been able to replay a snap?

  16. lisa

    i went through my friend list and there are stars next to people’s name i don’t even know. even team snapchat. does this mean that they rewatched my snaps.

  17. Dani

    The gold star next to someone’s snapchat does not mean they replayed anything. This means that they sent you a snap that they also sent other friends of theirs. It’s to let you know that you aren’t the only one to receive the snap. You guys think it’s because you replayed a snap because you’re sending that snap to more than just one person. Come on. Why would you get a star for replaying your snap? That’s completely bonkers people.

  18. rachel

    it has to do with how many snaps a person has sent! different emojis mean different amounts of total snaps sent!!! if you’ve sent a specific amount, you’ll have a star by your name to everyone in your friends

  19. Naz

    Lol i just think that the gold stars indicates “needs love” cause most of the snapchatters in my list that have a gold star beside their name are those whom ive never rly sent a snap to

  20. Khadija

    The gold star actually has nothing to do with you, it just means that the person with the star near their name has had their snap replayed by someone in the past 24 hours. For example if person A replays person B’s snap, person B will have a gold star near their name for 24hrs.. I think it’s meant to be an indication that person B is interesting or something

  21. j

    i replayed my sisters snapchat and got the star but she hasnt used her replay today and already has the star next to a lot of her friends names

  22. BadWolf

    The star appeared straight after i replayed a snap from my boyfriend so I’m guessing user ‘A’ is correct in saying it appears next to your name when someone replays your snap… my friend also has a star who has sent a lot of snaps today so I’m assuming someone has replayed one of his snaps too… also the red heart is each others #1bf as you will know, yellow heart means you’ve been each others #1bf for over two weeks then you get double pink hearts for #1bfs for over two month ☺

  23. Emily

    I’m sorry but I do not know anyone who would send their own self the snapchat they are sending out…and then replay it?? haha

  24. c r

    i’ve tested this. the star means that you have sent the same snap to multiple people. for example. if i sent you a snapchat that i had sent to multiple other people, then there will be a star by my name.
    it cannot be a “replayed” thing. why would it be by team snapchats name? and people say they saw it by my name when i’ve NEVER replayed a snap.

  25. sam

    I just tried it, you have a star next to your name when you replay a snap that you sent to yourself, idk why people do that, but thats where the star is from. Then anyone who is your friend on snapchat can see the star even if you have never snapped them b4.

  26. dia

    I just wanted to say that u are all wrong and I’m getting really pissed reading all these replies especially people that don’t know AT ALL what they are talking about. who has time to write about this??? not me that’s for sure. time for you all to get a life. why are you all using snapchat anyways? why is the d star a big deal? I tested all these theories because I’m still so hung up on this whole gold star so please comment below ideas of what the gold star means! thanks for all ur help cuties ❤️ stay strong.

  27. Mol

    It means that that persons snap / snap story has been replayed within the last 24 hours. It’s nothing to do with your story or anything

  28. savannah

    I think it’s to tell you that someone is interesting… like if someone anyone replays a snap of yours you get a star next your name in everyone’s phone.

    Like if I send a text to person b and person c and only person c replays it then I will still have a star next to my name in person BS phone. I think it’s to indicate to people that yeah I’m cool and people replay my stuff. Haha

  29. Michelle

    The gold star is a trophy it’s how many snapchat points you have. If you are on the camera screen and click on the ghost it will take you to your snapchat name and above that there you can see what trophys you have earned..

  30. Silvia

    It does not mean that someone sent you and multiple people the same Snapchat because I have stars next to people I NEVER Snapchat.

  31. Sara

    I don’t think what you said is true, because i recently added someone to my snapchat but we never really sent snaps to each other, yet there was a golden star beside his name. So i don’t think it’s a matter of replaying one’s snaps, cause i know for a fact that he did not send me anything yet and I haven’t sent him anything either. So what does this golden star really stand for? :/

  32. Jude

    I think the gold star emoji is unnecessary and I am considering deleting the app, as well as my friends. I think that it is embarrassing that people know you replay their snaps. It honestly is ridiculous.

  33. Kylie Elizabeth

    if someone in your snapchat has that star, it means they you sent you a snap that they have also sent to their story.

  34. Athena

    Whoa.. So many people have been saying so many different things I’m just waiting for snapchat to see this and let us know because it obiously doesn’t have anything to do with replaying snaps ..

  35. Kate

    I just send myself a snapchat, opened it and nothing happened.
    Then i sent another one and replayed it, and got the star. So there you have it. You replayed something.

  36. Lexie

    I have never snapped, or screenshotted by friend story but i’d like to know why its a gold star next to their name. And when does it go away? What does it mean?

  37. snapchatter

    Okay, the funny thing people dont seem to be grasping is – Like writer A said, If MARY sends to BOB and BOB replays the snap, MARY then would have the gold star by her name, cuz woohoo, you’re so nice, they saw you twice.
    but so YOU as Mary, wouldn’t see a gold star then.
    If Mary even sees a star via Bob, it actually means someone (which could be Mary herself) has replayed Bob’s snap.

    So for everyone pointing out “this doesnt explain why people I havent snapped in a year show a star” Yes. Yes it does. You’re associated with the earning of their star then, someone else replayed a snap of theres and thats that.
    It’s got nothing to do with you having one of your snaps be replayed or something- cuz that doesnt make sense. that logic would mean there would be a star by every person on your list.
    PLAIN and SIMPLE- if this theory mentioned above is correct^ you wont see a star by your name” unless you have oddly sent a snap to yourself recently and you can see that. Otherwise, only other people can see your star.
    If you see a star by someones name, either you, or someone else has replayed a snap of theirs.

  38. michelle

    omg lol you guys are all wrong. it appears when someone replays your story/ snap. so if you post a story and they replay it, a star is gonna appear next to their name. there u go

  39. Lacie

    You are all stupid, who sends a snapchat to themselves and replays it?! If you search on google ‘ what do the snapchat emojis mean’ it will tell you that the gold star comes up on people’s names that have replayed your snaps! Not hard to understand!

  40. Joscelyn

    Why does it show that someone replayed my story ? But when I check to see who viewed it , it doesn’t show that they did

  41. Kim

    Go on your settings in snap chat then on manage – then friends emojis – it will explain all the emoji symbols and what they mean x


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