How Do I Get the Snapchat Zombie Selfie Filter?

To see all the Snapchat Selfie Filters go here.

One of the most popular selfie filters with the new Snapchat update is likely going to be the Zombie filter. With Halloween just around the corner we can expect this filter to get used millions of times over the course of the next few weeks. This is what it looks like:


The filter actually makes a screaming sound when you use it. To get this filter to work you will need to put your Snapchat app in selfie mode. Once you hold your finger on your face for two or three seconds seven filters will pop up. If you don’t have proper lighting these filters will not show up. Make certain the lights are on or you are outside. The zombie filter is the fifth filter available. This is one that will likely only last until Halloween but we will see.

When you click on the filter remember that Snapchat is not recording or taking a picture. You have to click on the camera button to record a video or take the picture. What do you think about this filter? Is it something you will use?

70 thoughts on “How Do I Get the Snapchat Zombie Selfie Filter?

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  2. Annie

    It doesn’t work well for Androids either. My T-Mobile LG L90 won’t do it either. What a bummer. It looks like so much fun 🙁

  3. georgia

    its not working on my phone either and I have a iphone 4 s, I thought it might of been something to do with the ios8 but it isn’t. its just not working and the little circle thing comes up to. so annoying urgh

  4. Rhainy

    I’ve done everything from changing my lighting to holding it longer, to doing research on why it’s not working, to asking friends, to trying to update it different ways. And it still won’t work!!!! (iPhone. 6)

  5. Mandi

    Attention everyone!

    To access the new features, go in selfie mode and put your finger on your picture until it “maps” your face.

    The options for the new features will appear and it’ll tell you to open your mouth, raise your eyebrows, etc and it’ll show up 🙂


  6. Sam

    I don’t have the zombie filter or the vampire thing I only can make myself old puke rainbows be angry have hearts on my eyes and that weird cyborg thing why not I have an iPhone 5c why won’t it work 🙁 I’m very mad about it help

  7. Alandra

    So you have to hold down your finger in your face before you take the picture. I have a iPhone 5 and it worked when I did that.

  8. Kimberly

    I have the 5s and it works but there are some of the features that I don’t get. I don’t get the scary face or the old man face

  9. Nacole

    I have an I phone 4, and snapchat updated. I can get trophies but no selfie filters or zoom on video? I wana puke rainbows too!!! Please fix!!

  10. Sam

    If you want it to work on galaxy s4:
    1. Clear cache on snapchat
    2. Uninstall it then reinstall it again
    3. Click and hold on your face until it outlines it

  11. Kaylee Gradert

    I have the iPhone 4s and it isn’t working on my phone either. I get the trophies but not the filters. My husband can’t get it to work on his phone either and he has the Galaxy Note 2. Really pissig me off

  12. Caitlin

    I just downloaded the app on my tablet and it states that the new update (zombie faces and whatnot) are only available on newer android devices.

    Doesn’t work at all on my tablet.

  13. kim

    The filters work on my Motorola droid ultra but I don’t have the zombie filter…

    And my fiance has the galaxy s3 and its not working at all on her phone…


  14. Danielle

    For this when they add a new one old ones start disappearing. Took me 2 weeks to get the update and every once in awhile one or 2 disappear and 2 new ones show up… unfortunately we can’t control which ones we keep or don’t keep…. some people are still waiting for the update to happen… they didn’t plan this update properly

  15. Ashley

    It’s not working for my iPhone 4s. My phone is up to date and so is the app. That’s the ONLY reason why I even downloaded the app. Ridiculous!

  16. Jay

    Galaxy 3. Works for me, but many of the filters arent available. They all seem pretty basic. Smiley face, aquarium, halo, tongue, red face, rainbow barf, heart eyes, yellow face heart eyes. Nothing else.

  17. Mrs. Bonner

    I am having a problem using the new features on my Alcatel One Touch straight talk phone. How do I use it???

  18. Mrs. Bonner

    I am having a problem using the new features on my Alcatel One Touch straight talk phone. How do I use it???
    Can someone help I would really love to use it.

  19. Anonym

    It dosent Work on Android! What a fail!!!!!!! And the halloween specials is only there every secondat time! It should be there All the time like the normal effects ?


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