Is Snapchat’s Snapcash Promoting Inappropriate Pictures?

Today, November 17th, 2014, Snapchat released Snapcash which is a way for Snapchatters to send money with a quick “text”. When I first heard about this I thought there was no way it could work because of the demographic that uses Snapchat. Let’s just say the average income of Snapchat users is well below the American average. The reason is because of the age of the users. Snapchat is dominated by middle school, high school and college students. Also known as the demographic that has yet to make money. If high schoolers are sending $5 here and $8 there how can Snapchat benefit? Well, remember the mantra of Snapchat? The app to send inappropriate pictures that disappear?


Well, what if you could actually get a few bucks here and there for those photos? Don’t you think young boys and girls are going to ask others to send them $5 or $10 for a “better” picture? Maybe the picture with a bikini is sexy but just imagine what you could get if you snapcashed me $20. That might even be a full 10 second video and you could be my Snapchat best friend! Just over a year ago I said that Snapchat was a $10 billion dollar idea. I firmly believed that at the time because users would be willing to sit through ads to get to see pictures or snaps of their friends and significant others.

That said, I now have to wonder if Snapchat is ruining their reputation. Anyone with half a brain knows why Snapchat came out with Snapcash. They want transactions to be made for photos. Snapchat executives have stated they do not know the age group that is sending photos nor what “types” of photos are being sent. At this point, how can you not know? Nude or semi nude pictures are being sent by the millions each day. Now those pictures are going to be monetized.

You can bet models and adult stars are going to start using Snapchat to make money on the side. Why wouldn’t a bikini model or lingerie model open a Snapchat and ask for “donations” to get a private picture? This is not limited to just females. Males will be looking to monetize as well. They will charge for private information or stock tips to those that don’t have access to the New York Stock Exchange.

If you ask me, this is going to go south quickly. While Snapchat is trying to promote this service with two 15 year old teenagers sending money to each other to pay for a Christmas gift you can be rest assured that is not the way most of the transactions are going to be made. Here is their first “commercial”:

If all of those issues weren’t enough, what happens when someone gets your phone at a party or heaven forbid you lose your phone? That person could liquidate your entire bank account with one simply $2,000 text through Snapchat. I have stated many times that the younger generation is irresponsible so let’s just add to that by giving them access to each other’s bank accounts through a smartphone app. What a fantastic idea!

That said, if you are ever a little bit intoxicated around me do not mind when I grab your phone and use Snapchat for a brief moment. I am only try to teach you a quick listen by padding my bank account. You are welcome.

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