When Will Sneaky Pete Season 2 Come Out on Amazon Prime? A 2018 Release Date?

UPDATE: Amazon has announced that Sneaky Pete season 2 will definitely happen in 2018. At this point, they have not released an exact date. As soon as they do, we will update this resource.

Sneaky Pete was the second most streamed Amazon Original on its opening day, only behind The Man in the High Castle. Due to the success of the show, it has been confirmed there is a renewal for season 2 by Amazon. “Bryan Cranston and Graham Yost have done a masterful job of steering the cast to fantastic performances,” said Joe Lewis, Head of Comedy and Drama at Amazon Studios. “Both the critical response and our customers’ engagement with the series are key factors in our enthusiasm to bring our audience a second season of Sneaky Pete.”

Like many Amazon Originals, the pilot for Sneaky Pete was released well before the entire first season was made available to Amazon Prime subscribers. The pilot was available on August 6, 2015 while the entire first season premiered on January 13th, 2017. Most feel as if this TV show was destined to be great with Bryan Cranston (Walter White on Breaking Bad) playing a pivotal role and Justified creator Graham Yost as executive producer and showrunner.

Now that the first season is available millions will be actively searching for information on season 2. When will it come out? Will the release date be in the winter of 2018? Is there any chance we will see season 2 in the fall of 2017?

Remember, this TV show was originally created for CBS that gave up on the project. Amazon was more than happy to jump on it as soon as the rights were available. If the show is a huge success, like many think it will be, there is a guarantee that Amazon will renew for season 2 and potentially season 3.

Unlike Netflix, Amazon is not afraid to renew a hit TV show for several seasons. Netflix has been reluctant to push a show very far as it costs millions of dollars to produce TV shows. Amazon has deeper pockets and is fully aware that Amazon Prime members spend more money on other items on Amazon.com which Netflix does not have.

It is interesting to see about 1000 IMDB ratings averaging to an 8.4 for this show. We think it will likely increase in the rankings after all 10 episodes of season one are consumed by fans.

If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch Sneaky Pete Season 1 starting on Friday, January 13th, 2017. We full expect to see season 2 renewed and available sometime in early to mid 2018. Do not expect it in early January as the first season of Sneaky Pete has been filmed over the course of more than 11 months.

Here is the synopsis of the Pilot:

A con man (Giovanni Ribisi) on the run from a vicious gangster (Bryan Cranston) takes cover from his past by assuming the identity of his prison cellmate, Pete, “reuniting” with Pete’s estranged family, a colorful, dysfunctional group that threatens to drag him into a world just as dangerous as the one he’s trying to escape – and, just maybe, give him a taste of the loving family he’s never had.

If you have finished up Sneaky Pete and want other entertainment, Goliath is fantastic. It is also available on Amazon Prime. There are already discussions of a Goliath Season 2 on Amazon Prime coming out soon.

Who do you want back for season 2? Marius, Julia, Taylor, Carly, Eddie, Otto Bernhardt, Audrey and Vince are in all 10 episodes of season 1, so they should be back for season 2, right?

Do you want a second season of Sneaky Pete? Comment below and let us know who you want in the show and what the storyline should be. When should Sneaky Pete season 2 come out? As soon as possible?

198 thoughts on “When Will Sneaky Pete Season 2 Come Out on Amazon Prime? A 2018 Release Date?


        I con my way to watching this. Very awesome. After 2 years later, when real Pete comes out, I wonder what reaction is.

    1. Amie

      This show is amazing! The cast outstanding! Goes to show great writing doesn’t have to feel like porn! Maybe Netflix will get that one day. Anyway, congratulations to all, I /we waatched in one day, playoff tonite Go Steelers! Giovionni Ribisi Amazing!!
      Amie, Johnstown PA

      1. Jeanne wall

        Just watched all ten episodes loved it ! Can’t wait for second season . All should come back for season two

      1. J

        The real Pete took the gun range for $11 million with his mother. Maybe the robbery was a distraction while his mother got access to the big score. The assumption would be that mom has the cash

      2. Odonata

        They overheard the conversation at the bar with Julius’ fake mom…The one with the oxygen tank? The con was that she’d got a lot of money from investments.

    2. Becky M.

      Just binge watched all of season 1. There has to be a season 2. So much more story to tell..it was absolutely awesome….I would like everyone back for season 2 please….

    3. Kathryn

      Yes, more of Sneaky Pete! Great plot line, true to form characters and great writing! Love the casting as well. Something for everyone.

      1. Mich

        Sat with my friend pete so we had to give it a go and ended up watching it all in one sitting!!! Season 2 pleeeeease!!!!!!!!!

    4. Lanny

      I know, I know, y’all loved all the characters. But imagine Marius, Eddie, and his grifter friends moving on into a completely (almost) independent story of cons within cons within cons…until the long-con wraps it up.

      And Carly, too, gets drawn in, who’s a natural con-in-the-making.

      But, sorry, all the others are gone, new characters appear…until the season finale.

      (Ya gotta wait for that…)

  1. MR BILL

    Abso-frigging looootly!
    I would have paid 13 or 15 bucks in full for season 1 after just the pilot. Then I binge watched the whole 10 episodes (please don’t tell my employer why I called in sick). Right now you could tap me for double that to opt in for season 2 without even a guarantee it will appear!

    Don’t wait, don’t linger, don’t mull things over …. lay the next season on us early as a Fall ’18 surprise!

    Great going, Amazon, and dumb pass CBS!

    1. William Allard

      Please make a season 2 of this series . I watched all of season 1 over this past weekend and loved it ! I want more as will others . Please move forward on season 2 , I’m willing to wait

    2. Joyce Enderle

      Please do a 2nd season of Sneaky Pete. We binged the 1st Season January 16th. Excellent entertainment. Bring back all the actors they fit together like a glove. Joyce Enderle

    3. Marie

      Loved the show…hope to get Season 2 soon! Very clever in writing, production, and acting. Great choice on the lead character. Bryan Cranston is so creative…you can tell he had something to do with it. Just amazing.

  2. William Swyter

    I had just finished watching Wynnona Earp and was looking for something else to watch. Wynnona is hard to beat but was delighted to start watching this the same night. What a treat! I’ve been watching TV since about 1953 (about 5). This is (especially with the Amazon Fire Stick) , indeed, the golden age of TV.

  3. Sarai

    I totally binge watched it in two days. Great show and it keeps you wanting more. I want a season 2 and season 3. As someone already said dumb pass on CBS part.

  4. Deborah Umba

    Yes! MORE of Sneaky Pete! Sooner the better–bring out more great CT locations. I can guide you to some great Northeastern Corner settings too, but keep it local by mentioning the towns. By chance, we SAW this was available on its release day, and watched 5 episodes last night and the other 5 tonight. Pete/ Marius is a good—bad guy; you can’t help rooting for him even though you know he’s a con Excellent plot and sub plots, twists, great character development, plus we live in CT and those places and names/roads are all familiar. (only 1 negative—I can do without the graphics of the toe/finger removals…) The family bail bond business is believable, details are rich and enhance the action. Great casting–Ribisi seems shifty, but you still like him. Love seeing a multi generational family with Grandparents as main characters. Bring them all back, please. And soon. It was the best acting I’ve seen in a ling while.

    1. Nicholas Bausman

      Season 1 was great… Really good performance by the whole cast… Can’t wait for season 2…Thank u Amazon prime…

  5. Andrew Greenwood

    Just binge watched Season 1, can’t wait to see S2. It’s brilliant, works out on so many different levels.

  6. Lynn

    Love the show!! Hopefully comes back in 2017 I was going to let Prime go decided to keep it after binge watching sneaky Pete very exciting twists and turns and breathless. All the characters really work well together, bring Vince back.

  7. Abra Houston

    Amazing show!!!!! Want season 2 ASAP!! I was expecting something wonderful, but this exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Binge watched in 2 days. More More More……….

  8. Annie Allred

    Holy crap!! NAILED IT!!!!
    I’ve been up way past this girls bed time finishing this first season of Sneaky Pete! Huge WIN Amazon on snatching this from CBS!! And CBS, … FAIL!!
    2018 is waaaaaay to long to wait!! Release each episode as available! Make us wait a week to watch the next one!
    I can truly see this being the next ‘Law and Order’, Amazon style 😉

  9. Tony

    Just finished binge watching Season 1. Fantastic plot which keeps you wanting more and more. Great characters too cant wait for season 2 but guess I will have to

  10. Rod Farva

    Like everyone else, I just binge watched it in one night. Got sucked in and didn’t sleep at all. Now I’m wrecked. Good closure in the final episode. I was wondering how they would even have room to grow with the same cast for a season 2 but they nailed it. Now I can’t wait to see how he’s going to try to get his hands on that $11M.


    Loved it! Just binge watched the whole thing and hope that Season 2 is definitely made. We are certainly set up in the last episode for a new season and it looks like it could be even better than Season 1! As far as I am concerned this is a winner all round (except for CBS – the networks just don’t have the sense to see when great tv is right in front of them!)

  12. Evalyn Ragusa

    As many paths taken as synapses firing-just sort of figuring out how to figure it out one step ahead of the shoeine-season2 please!

  13. Carol Fryd

    I loved the show and binge watched it in 3 days. I can’t wait for a second season . The acting and characters were wonderful.

  14. Chris Eilersen

    Best series I’ve ever seen – performances were astonishing! Plot was brilliant – can’t wait for more!!

  15. Christee

    Such a great show, could not tear myself away from it. Presumably because of the extremely well written dialogue, interesting storyline and plot, twists and turns, and very likeable characters. It very much pulls you into their world and leaves you wanting more. It’s unfortunate that CBS passed on this gem, but Kudos to Amazon! I myself can barely wait for Season 2 and hope they can satisfy the viewers’ hunger for more episodes sooner than later!

  16. Gail

    Yes yes yes for Season 2!!!!!! We both really enjoyed this show. So much so that we are both hoping we don’t have to wait a year or more to see it. So get on it Amazon original …. get the actors back and start filming.

  17. Sarah

    Really looking forward to this. Will have to set a reminder alarm to check on it January 2018. Hope it doesn’t take that long. Great cast. Great storyline. Love it.

  18. Betsy Gallery

    The writing is almost as good as Breaking Bad, which is the top show for writing I have ever seen. I also binge-watched the series over two days. All the main characters should come back. Audrey and Otto are especially fantastic. We need to see more of Marjorie, who was so excellent in The Amerikans, and I expect we will see Liz, as Marius drove off with her at the end of Season 1. I am looking forward to another season or two. Anything with Bryan Cranston associated with it is a hit, and attracts the best writers and directors.

  19. Vicki Gene Bauer

    Binge watching is relatively new terminology to my ears, and a habit I didn’t understand … that is, until SNEAKY PETE! I watched the pilot last summer and wondered if anything would come of it. Found the series last week and soon found myself addicted! I just finished tonight and am out of breath! The storyline has so many unpredictable moments, and twists and turns in the subplot, that I am craving more. So glad more seasons are being planned. I rate the writing and acting and casting FIVE STARS!
    What’s going to happen when the real Pete is released from prison? Will he want to reconnect with his roots? How will the family manage the money now that it’s back in their hands? Now I’m going to rave about this series on Facebook and see how many of my friends watch and enjoy Sneaky Pete as much as I have!!!

  20. Paul Ehrenberg

    Everything it was hyped up to be, binge watched between two days! Please don’t make us wait a whole year. I appreciated mention of Wisconsin winters…..lol even more of a reason to binge watch here!

  21. John

    Awesome show, want more episodes now! I’m not a tv watcher, but got a new phone and downloaded the app yesterday. After seeing a commercial or some advertising for the show, I watched the trailer on my phone. Ten hours later and 4:30 AM I made myself go to sleep.

    I just finished the last episode without realizing the status of the show and when season 2 would begin. I’m ready for more NOW! I can’t see waiting 12-15 months for the next season, wow what a bummer.

    As for characters, keep the family involved, mix back in Pete’s friends, but contiue introducing the new ones. The shifts in the story, the various direction the plot goes, and the creative writing keep this non television watcher glued to a 7″ phone screen for 12 hrs within the last 32 hours.

    I have officially completed my first binge watching ever at age 50 …….. now what do I do?


  22. Mike massa

    FU***NG AWESOME!!! PLEASE COME OUT WITH SEASON 2 and Three Four Five exc!!! Great show with lots of potential!!!! What a great cast. LOVE IT!!!!!! Can’t wait to see what season 2 has in store..

  23. Carla Tye

    I binged watched it until 4:15 this morning. Very few TV series are binge worthy. A whole year is a long time to wait for season 2. Bummer.

  24. Matthew Seidelmann

    This show was absolutely amazing. I definitely believe it will have enough success to have season 2 released. I binge watched this whole season within two days! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  25. Jackie

    LOVE IT AMAZON!! Binge watched the season in 2 days & it left me craving more!! The character development & plot twists/turns were well planned & spot on. I would love to see a love interest for Pete, maybe a Julia Stiles type? Also would love to see Nathan Fillion in this.

  26. Sneaky_PeteFAN!!!

    I would totally pay for season two! BRING.IT.ON. BUT DON’T WAIT…we all know how attention spans are! HURRY!

  27. Kathryn Elaine

    I have binged watched this season and it was fantastic. Its twists and turns of events took me to the edge of my seat and I can’t wait for season 2. #giovanniribisi
    Absolutely awesome!!

  28. Judy

    I love being able to binge watch shows. 2-3 days for an entire season is awesome. Season 2 will come none too soon.

  29. Fiona Walsh

    Oh Lawd. FAN – BLOOMIN – TASTIC! Hurry up people. I am devastated! I wa ssure there was already a Season 2 and now I’m left hanging! Get it made! Get it out here ! PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!

  30. Latifah

    I love this show!! It’s very addicting and makes you binge watch for hours..I can’t wait for season 2.. I feel all the same actors and actresses should return, it wouldn’t be the same without them.

  31. LAURA

    Great show. Glad I am a big Malcome in the Middle fan. Watched it due to Cranston’s inteview on Jimmy Fallon. So glad I saw that, never would have watched. So many great twists, really hopeful for an early release of 2..Can’t wait.

  32. Bobbi

    I watch this show in one day. I could not turn away. The first season was a smashing Jolly good show. It picks up most of your emotions,
    The cast works well together. I can’t wait until season two I hope it comes out early of 2018. Keep up the good work

  33. lynn

    This show was so fantastic, great actors, all the drama yet fun, lively, silly, crazy, intriguing and emotional all at the same time, it has it all. I cannot wait for season 2 and more!! Great job!!

  34. Barbi

    Loved it! Fantastic cast! Bring them all back for more seasons…including Bryan Cranston. He didn’t die so could easily return. I binged on this series – no other way to watch. Wonderful show!!!

  35. Shells

    Awesome show. Great cast & acting. Storyline is unpredictable, but appreciated. Hope season 2 will be available sooner than later.

  36. Brian Cole

    What an awesome series… You better have season two or I will run a con on Amazon😁. Binged watched the entire season in one night…I could not shut off…… Thank you to all involved…..

  37. Wendy

    Thank you CBS for having limited vision, and allowing Prime to snatch up this amazing series. So glad we were able to watch the entire season in a weekend! Great writing and character development. Hope to see many more seasons!

  38. nick tracano

    Great show lots of possibilities with Dockery, and the real Petes cronies and the real Pete himself let alone the family dynamics Aydrey ,Otto they all need to come back for season 2.

  39. Joy Davis

    Count me in! I also devoured this amazing show in 2 evenings. If there isn’t a second season, than “WE” have been conned! Bring it back ASAP; we all want to know (I won’t spoil it…)what those guys at the end were doing with Pete!!!
    I have long been a big Giovanni Ribisi fan, Brtan Cranston is always golden and Peter Gerety and Margo Msartindale are two of our finest actors! But, I want them ALL back. Great ensemble piece. Yes it’s s CBS fail , but it would have been a very different show if they had done it. Get cracking!

  40. Brenda Koch

    OMG bring this back as soon as possible I love all the twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat I would love to see Eddie come back and save his brother and I can’t wait for the real Pete to get out of jail to see what twists and turns come with that Bravo this cast was amazing together

  41. Jeremy

    Sneaky Pete was amazing sucks that I watched it in 2 days now gotta wait 1-2years till they come out with season 2. This show shouldn’t stop there just keep them coming season after season. The only draw back to Amazon is the fact they come out with great shows but always have to wait so long for the next season that’s if they run another season like Mad Dogs awesome show but canceled after first season. Total disappoint

  42. Brice Flynn

    Please renew this show….it is amazing and Amazon would be fools not to renew for season 2 and 3. Netflix is a waste of time and Amazon has more capabilities than Netflix ever dreamed of.

  43. Libby Derhak

    Please!Please!Please!!…bring it back!!..too many cliff hangers ..great cast. …Story line…and amazing cons …great entertainment and amazing acting…develop all the characters and need to see what happens to the real Pete Murphy!!!

  44. Terri Reagan

    What a GREAT show!
    Great characters, great cast, Great acting, great writing!!!!

    Loved loved loved it!!!

    Thoroughly enjoyed every minute
    Wish there was 20 episodes now instead of 10!

    Please bring season 2 ASAP!!!

    waited so long for season 1
    Need season 2 THIS YEAR!!!

  45. Terri Reagan


    Season 2 should include ALL the same characters and cast. They were all sooo good
    Expecially liked Giovanni Ribisi
    The cliff hangers were especially intriguing.

    Can’t wait for season 2!

  46. Dianne

    I love the first season of sneaky Pete can’t wait for season two I’m getting old I wish they would come out earlier than mid 2018.

  47. Mike

    I have been home sick with the flu the past 2 days and just binge watched the whole season 1, not realizing season 2 hasn’t been made yet. You have me hooked, please don’t make me wait until 2018 for more!!!

  48. John B

    Just binge watched all 10 episodes of Season 1 & loved it! Definitely need a Season 2, 3, & more! So Amazon, don’t be a “Sneaky Pete” & con us out of more seasons & episodes!

  49. Nancy

    Sneaky Pete is FANTASTIC! Every show was a cliffhanger with Giovanni Ribisi a standout performer. When I saw the pilot in 2015 I couldn’t understand why the show wasn’t in production. Then when Season 1 was broadcast, I binged on the entire season. Bring on Season 2!

  50. Tom G

    Great show. Amazon- Please renew this show. Season 2 could pick up with Vince in prison and Pete in trouble with the two mysterious thugs.

  51. Mitchell Kade

    This series is superbly written and very well-acted. After binging all ten episodes, I decided to watch it again. CBS was foolish to pass on this series as it would’ve given them a much needed ratingS boost for a night like Sunday. The only downside is that Amazon should push it more and produce more than ten episodes per season and try to air seasons sooner. I’ve always thought it was ridiculous that cable and streaming services can go a year or more between seasons.

  52. SH

    Excellent show. I really enjoyed how everyone seemed to be running their own con. It’ll be hard to wait for season 2.

  53. MC

    Just finished watching Sneaky Pete last night, Great show! Hopefully season 2 comes out soon. What about the real Pete when gets out and the deal the daughter made, the guys that took the fake Pete???!!
    Anywho Great show! 👍🏻😁

    My husband and I can’t wait to See more!😁

  54. Stacy Caraway

    Through first 8 episodes and love it. Definitely need a season 2 and 3 and NO feet dragging. Watched the last 2 episodes and they were great. Ready for season 2, but with a few more episodes.

  55. Wes

    Wow, I guess catching a 48 hour stomach bug isnt that bad when a season of Sneaky Pete was there for the soathing. Thank you Amazon that Prime membership has many rewards! Please give us more Pete and programming like Pete so that we can dump cable TV. Gen Xer going Millinial, they’re pulling me over.

  56. Paata Shubladze

    Wow, I am just done watching this amazing show, I loved every moment! I can’t wait till season 2 starts!

  57. Susan

    Fantastic series. The acting is superb–never seen Giovanni so nuanced, spellbinding, and all the cast members really present in their colorful roles. The writing and directing was also brilliant. the monologues hearkened back to theater and really let the actors carve out amazing performances. I loved it. Our family binged watched in 3 evenings after work. Our poor dog’s evening walks were eclipsed! Sorry, Dodger!

    Looking forward to Season two.

  58. Aneia Cooper

    This is an excellent series! Just binged and now I’m craving for more. 2018 is a long time.
    The actors are cast perfectly and the writing is brilliant!
    There were only 10 episodes in the season so we have to wait over a year for the next 10? I know they can do better than that. At least give us a decent season with 20 episodes if they’re going to make us wait so long.

  59. M.Dunne

    Good show! I drive by the hartsdale train station on the BRP when they were filming Ribusi’s last scene of season 1….Now I know what was being filmed after binge watching the show

  60. Desiree

    Binge watched! Amazing show! I want more soon! I hate having to wait. It would be awesome if somehow Aaron Paul could come into play in this series with Bryan Cranston. Whether they work together or against each other that would make this show even better!

  61. Rachel

    I was drawn to this because of Giovanni Ribisi. I’m such a fan of his and he didn’t disappoint this time either. I also loved the whole cast. I was locked in from the start and couldn’t stop until the credits rolled after episode 10, and I’m not normally a binge watcher. I can’t wait for season 2 and I really hope it will air in the fall of 2017. This is the best series I’ve watched in a really long time. Giovanni, you are a masterful actor.

  62. Betty

    Loved how this show kept myou equilibrium off! I loved how it was unpredictable! I don’t care what direction they take season 2 as long as it doesn’t get predictable! I loved season 1!

  63. Missy

    I’m so pissed off!!!! Can’t believe I have to wait a freaking year to watch season 2 of sneaky Pete… truly the best series I’ve watched in years. Kudos to the writers and producers of Sneaky Pete. Keep up the amazing writing. Truly the work of many geniuses!!!

  64. Audge

    OMG, I had to add to my data plan on my cellphone because of binge watching on my way to work, during lunch, after work. Just finished Season 1; can’t believe we have to wait for 2018 for Season 2!!

  65. Brianna

    I absolutely love this show!! I want it to come back as soon as possible!!! I watched all ten episodes of season 1 in one day! I love the suspense and I love to find out what happens next…. GIVE ME MORE PLEASE

  66. Jewels

    We were hooked the second we saw the trailer for Sneaky Pete. We watched a few episodes every night and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. Great acting, writing, directing, producing etc. etc. Giovanni Ribisi is the PERFECT actor to play Sneaky Pete. Wow, he’s pretty intense at times and verrrry believable!! He really brought Pete, a shifty yet lovable character to life. The rest of the cast were great as they played colorful characters that would get into the most unbelievable, often hilarious predicaments. The twists and turns had us guessing what would happen next and we often said, wow, didn’t see that coming!!! We’re so bummed to hear that the second season won’t be available for awhile. But if they’re still filming it, we understand that it takes awhile to produce such an awesomely entertaining series!! Might have to re-watch season 1 while we wait…. 🙂

  67. Jennifer

    Finally something my husband and i both want to watch. Love this show with all the twists and turns, you don’t want to turn it off! Can’t wait to see what season two has in store.

  68. Jojo

    Bravo! Great series with a great cast…some even from Dexter! Love the plot and looking for more adventure to come.
    From snowed in Montana

  69. Chris

    I was a bit sceptical about this show since the star is that creepy guy from TED, but after the first episode I had to keep watching. Bryan Cranston’s character is so badass. I cannot wait for season two but I’m gonna say take your time filming it, if you rush it you might risk making a potentially ‘not as good’ season 2. I loved seeing characters from Breaking Bad and Dexter in it, just made it that much more badass. And Brad Henke is a f***ing G.

  70. Anne

    Fantastic show. It was so gripping that I binged watch all 10 episodes in 2 days. I have now watched all 10 episodes again and recommended friends to watch this superb show. Please keep showing SP and bring on season 2, 3, 4 etc. Well done Amazon.

  71. Ray

    My wife and I love it best show on TV. All charters great Margo, Giovanni his sister, her brother, Cranston, Cranstons girl friend, and Giovanni brother. Can not wait foe the next season

  72. Rebecca

    LOVED IT!!! Excellent casting and storyline!! My husband and son love “Man In The High Castle” and now we have “Sneaky Pete” Great job Amazon!!

  73. james smith

    Great storyline! Awesome cast and acting was superlative! Definitely want to see more seasons with the same cast!

  74. Paul Degnan

    Great writing. The twists on every episode definitely keep you hooked! All the actors were believable and entertaining. Great cast!! Hope to see it renewed.

  75. Iris Frieman

    Just finished binge watching episode 10 & wishing could just keep on watching to see what was gonna happen next! Great show & eagerly waiting for more…Season 2 and more. All characters are a must to return, but will be hard to wait till 2018 for more. That’s a whole YEAR! Great entertainment! Excellent! With cast and producer; expected no less!

  76. Donald

    Awesome series! So many twists and turns, didn’t see the end coming at all – and so many unanswered questions! Season 2 in 2018 – that’s a long way off – worth the wait I’m sure, likely to binge watch season 1 again before season 2 hits the screen – very good! It should win awards.

  77. Red

    I watched the whole season in 1 day. Very well written with accurate terminology.
    Can’t wait for season 2. Please tell me that they are not going to wait till 2018 and their going to release it in the fall.

  78. John

    We must have Season 2! Peter must use his ‘stolen family” as a base but they must also be in actively in the story! We need to find out what happened to Julia’s ex-husband and what the ‘deal” was she made with Dockery.
    Audrey & Otto must also be integral to the story! This was an amazing series and should enjoy a long life on Amazon!

  79. Julie

    Great show just watched all 10, bring on season 2, I don’t want to wait til 2018 excellent cast, keeps you guessing, love it, more, more, more, best show !!!!!!

  80. Carol

    Yes, yes, yes to season 2! Bring back the entire cast, they all absolutely make this series! I have been trying to stretch this out but sadly today I finished it up. Now what to do for a whole year while waiting for season 2?

  81. Tamara

    Don’t know if I can wait until 2018 for season 2. Season 1 was amazing!!! So much they can do with all the characters. Guess I will have to wait.

  82. Suzanne

    Just finished a weekend binge of the entire season of Sneaky Pete. Great plot, great actors, great acting. Can’t wait for Season 2!!!


    Please give us season 2. Really like the original characters. Would love to see Pete have some inner reaction with them in future episodes. If I could rate this as 10 stars I would. It moved well, great directing and editing, the story flowed and was believable. We binged on it.

  84. Diana

    This show (Sneaky Pete) is brilliant!

    I haven’t gotten into a box set since Prison Break and Lost, so yes I am behind on all the shows out there!

  85. Mick

    Brilliant, brilliant,brilliant. Fantastic entertainment. Bring on series 2 ASAP.

  86. Kat

    Truly enjoyed watching…..
    Im in need of season 2…NOW
    Maybe pete con mariusknowing what his mom had done. Bring back the cast

  87. Michael Mahoney

    We just finished watching season 1 and were completely hooked. Can’t wait for season 2. If all the characters (actors) are back for season 2 we will be hooked all over again. CBS should regret not picking this show up.

  88. SJM

    Unfortunately there are too many good shows with one or two seasons available to view. I started with Goliath which is awesome, then Bosch, also great and then I surfed and found Sneaky Pete, which is also a great show. My advice is when great reviews begin to arrive from those who watch these new shows, begin to shoot the next seasons immediately to avoid the long wait for those interested! I am new user to Amazon Prime, and I love TV and movies. Hopefully, I won’t lose interest. Goliath was the best!

  89. S L Dixon

    I love this show. I knew nothing about it but one Saturday I started watching – instant addiction! A family came in while I was watching the 3rd episode. I had no problem starting over rather than trying to explain while watching! The show keeps you wanting more which is why I am feigning for more!

    Bryan Cranston is awesome as well as the entire cast. I can not wait for more! Good job on picking up this series Amazon!

  90. Lynn

    Just finished binging (originally was looking for something new while waiting out pre-evacuation orders for the Goodwin fire in Prescott). Omg…do we really have to wait till 2018 for season 2? Great cast and never a dull moment!

  91. Charity Le Gros

    Giovanni was Masterful!!! ❤ Brilliant chemistry on every single piece of the intense and addictive flow of my favorite show!! Giovanni is a Masterful Chameleon in everything, he has a rare jewel and it makes my heart and mind excited and always challenged. A Rare & Breathtaking Series!!!!! I’m bursting inside in anticipation for season 2!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!!! ❤ From The Capricorn! ♌

  92. Joe Orlando Jr

    Started watching and didn’t stop until episode 10 was finished. Captivated and entertained all the way through. This series serves comedy for the appetizer, drama is the main course and dessert is always a twist. Count me in for season 2.

  93. Jose

    This show is badass. Fk yeah. Cranston isn’t dead and he will be back on episode 10 of season 2. So much to do for the future. Money laundering business.

    Can’t wait

  94. Kristen Perrott

    Please give us more of this series! It’s like eating chips, one is never enough. You want the while bag!!!!! OUTSTANDING!! It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. Brilliant writing and acting combination. This series is a definite winner all the way from start to finish! 👍🏆👍

  95. Kristen Perrott

    Please give us more of this series! It’s like eating chips, one is never enough. You want the whole bag!!!!! OUTSTANDING!! It kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next. Brilliant writing and acting combination. This series is a definite winner all the way from start to finish! 👍🏆👍

  96. Dee

    WOW!! I just finished watching the entire 1st season and I loved it!! Everyone was so real and so believable! Please give us season 2 ASAP. I can’t wait to binge watch!


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