Snowbird Brown of Alaskan Bush People

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It is shocking how popular the Brown Family of Alaskan Bush People has become. By getting on a Discovery Channel TV show you are immediately thrust into the spotlight. As I have mentioned in previous articles and resources related to the Discovery Channel shows, it is quite obvious this channel knows how to lock viewers in. You may not agree with their shows such as Moonshiners or Amish Mafia but they get record breaking ratings every single week. A show Discovery should pick up is the new Medici Masters of Florence that is currently on Netflix. If you love Snowbird Brown, we think you will like the Medici show.

Alaskan Bush People is a show that just leaves you shaking your head. You are left wondering how anyone can raise children in such harsh conditions. On my Noah Brown Alaskan Bush People resource there are several comments pointing out that fans of this show should look at court cases such as Case 1jv-14-0109cr Billy Brown vs State of AK.  I will admit that something just seems amiss with this family like they are pushing their agenda. I think this video pretty much sums it up:

Obviously, Billy Bryan Brown is doing everything in his power to sell books. It is interesting to note that this family has lived out in the wilderness for several decades yet the father has the ability to publish not just one but several books discussing the circumstances in which he is raising his family. I find that to be quite interesting.

Snowbird Brown’s Teeth

When it comes to Snowbird Brown the most commonly asked question is, “What is wrong with her teeth?” Even in her video from 2008 it was quite obvious that Snowbird Brown needed dental work. While Billy Bryan Brown is out make documentary movies and TV shows for the Discovery Channel he is letting his children remain in dire need of dental work. I am quite positive there are plenty of dentists and orthodontists out there that will be more than happy to help the Brown children straighten their teeth.


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Much like most “reality” TV shows I think the Brown family strives on controversy. On Facebook and Twitter there are plenty of discussions about the teeth of the children. In all reality, every single one of them could use a little bit of dental work. I cannot even imagine how many cavities they must have. I guess that is what happens when you live in the Alaska Bush but can publish books, documentaries and star on TV shows.

As Snowbird Brown gets older it will be interesting to see if she makes a push to use computers, cell phones or other pieces of technology that all those of her age use. I am certain she would, at least, like to try out an iPhone. At this point in the show the Brown family has sworn off anything that is progressive or part of the modern world. I think it will be intriguing to see how money changes that. Throw a few million at them and I am willing to bet they would make a website. Oh wait, they already have one!


160 thoughts on “Snowbird Brown of Alaskan Bush People

  1. Anso

    Just three questions (well, possibly just two; bear with me.) 1) Why are you concerned with the Browns writing books and making money? It’s honest work. They’re simply exploiting a niche in reality-based entertainment. There’s obviously an audience for it. 2) Are you an orthodontist? If your answer is ‘no’, stop here and go no further. If you ARE an orthodontist, 3) Would straightening her teeth be cosmetic, or is there a real concern that if left unchecked, the condition of her teeth could be life-altering in the present or near future? Of course my opinion doesn’t matter, but if what we’re seeing of Snowbird is accurate, she’s a remarkable young woman. And an adult. She can get her teeth fixed if she wants. And I’m not being creepy here, but she’s also quite lovely.

    1. Carole Thomas

      Mr. Brown’s wife had to go to town recently to get her teeth fixed due to infection. This type
      of dental infection can cause heart problems, so, yes, the child’s teeth can be life threatening.
      Why wait til it does cause heart problems? Straight teeth and healthy teeth are helpful to
      chew solid food. She needs her teeth fixed.
      With regard to publishing books just what else was he going to do during the long winters?
      They have enough children to do the work.

      1. BORRIQUA21225

        Yaw people jelous that it ain’t Yaw making that and about there teeth I guess you are so fucking perfect nothing is wrong with your body what you have fake tits or a fake ass and if your a man what you got a little dick Yaw fucking people need to stop being so jelous get over it they have money you don’t they have what they want and need you don’t they happy with who they are as they are and how they live but you not the not about material shit but that is all you wish for I be snowbird look better than you because she is a natural woman but you everything thing about you is fake.

          1. kd grayson

            The adamant protests seem like thinly veiled responses from the kids or all of them, the clumsy attempt to spell you yaw two times, show me that anywhere else, thats an intentional and clumsy attempt to disguise who it isd while drawing attention to it like a red flag. Who takes the time to defend others who need no defense ?

          2. Puzzlefan

            Did anyone else notice that after Ami had all those teeth pulled she had missing teeth on the bottom, but miraculously in another episode she had perfect teeth on the bottom left side of her mouth….sure looked like crowns to me….which belabors the point of how they can afford all those crowns…I sure can’t even afford one. I like the show even though I know they aren’t really living wild…there’s just something engaging about the family

        1. Jamescombs

          I’m James,it doesn’t matter what u look like on the outside,its what’s inside that matters,,and honestly she’s a beautiful girl,same as rainy…

          1. Peggy Berry

            Bird is sweet and kind, but most boys prefer girls with all their teeth fixed in front. They are making thousands per episode. Use some of that money to fix her teeth. Surely she is embarrassed.
            Is she afraid?

          2. Derrick

            Bird is beautiful regardless. I make a lot of money and if I was lucky enough to meet her get to know her and establish a relationship with her I’d leave it up to her to fix them.

      2. anthony francis

        Total establishment rhetoric, “if this than that” She is beautiful just the way she is. She is not dying of a heart attack from this condition any sooner than anyone else. Her smile is what makes her. GOD gave her that smile……. Let her be. Concentrate on fixing the “crooked” things in your life.

        1. Jonathan M

          Lol, “God gave her that smile”???? Um, no, having poor nutrition and oral hygiene did…

          My god there are so many f*cking retards out there.

      3. Emily

        You make me sick. This is a wonderfully close family. They have struggled to stay close and stay away from people like you. I can’t believe people that think an iPhone is nessesary to have or it’s abuse if you aren’t connected technologically. I live in the same world you do and I would give it up in a second to be able to raise my children in the bush. Why don’t you spend less time putting beautiful people down and look at the truly ugly person that you see in mirror.

        1. Jake lamb

          They make tons of money off this show. Probably close to 30k an episode. Mom got her teeth fixed, the girl should too. You can’t tell me she doesn’t desire modern dentistry every time she looks in the mirror. There is nothing wrong with the capitalist dream and I’m proud that they’ve been able to make so much money on their hard work. Sometimes I wonder when the show is in filming she puts a cap on. There is a certain look to living in the woods as well any director on any movie set will tell you. Unless you’re into this look it does take away from her natural beauty that could easily be remedied by a trip to the dentist. Would anybody in the city want to look like that ? Why would living out in the wilds be a valid excuse for maintaining this look? They go to town they meet with other folks she is seen by others. I’m sure deep down she must be embarrassed.

          1. Kimberly Harlow

            I think bird is beautiful and having suffered my whole life with bad teeth ,if I’d ever had the opportunity you can bet your ass I’d have fixed them instead of countless tooth aches, worse than giving birth, so for anyone to think it’s alright or I’m picking on her actually I’d love to see her fix them and become what she is destined to be ,entertaining loving beauty, love to follow her life ,read more about adventures I’ll never have ,not enjoy reading about pain that can be avoided ,makes me sad

      4. Skinny buckets

        Hey papa sounds like you get a man do you need to get your teeth fixed let’s take care of the kids first

      5. Quinn

        Just mind your own business loser! People can live the way they way they choose! Keep your bullshit comments to yourself, I’m replying almost two years later lol

      6. Kimberly Harlow

        I think bird is beautiful and having suffered my whole life with bad teeth ,if I’d ever had the opportunity you can bet your ass I’d have fixed them instead of countless tooth aches, worse than giving birth, so for anyone to think it’s alright or I’m picking on her actually I’d love to see her fix them and become what she is destined to be ,entertaining loving beauty, love to follow her life ,read more about adventures I’ll never have ,not enjoy reading about pain that can be avoided ,

        1. Carlos Muffslayer

          Snow turd is not beautiful. Use your good eye. The family’s weakened teeth are a direct result of the incestuous relationships from which they were spawned. Pity.

    2. Mary Ann

      I’ve been wondering too for a long time why they don’t have her teeth fixed for smiling nice on T.V. She’s too young to have that problem. And I think that younger daughter is absolutely gorgeous, I just hope she takes care of her teeth before she ends up like her older sister. She is the most attractive of the whole brood.

      1. Gordon

        Why on earth are any of y’all having a conversation about their teeth? If you enjoy the show…watch. If you dont…watch Seinfeld reruns. They are both beautiful young ladies and perfect teeth are probably not her highest priority. Seems to me that life through the Browns eyes is much more than worrying about what the rest of the world thinks of them and getting back to basic fundamentals of life itself

    3. karina

      I think you’re right. I think Snowbird may have whats known as ‘white coat syndrome’ stemming from Billys coma its given her a fear of clinical environments. I noticed this in the episode where Ami needed treatment and she waited outside. Makes sense. Shes a very pretty young woman who loves her family and the outdoors

    4. Patricia C Ingalls

      Yes! Your strange over protection of a strange young lady is “Creepy” indeed!

    5. Straight teeth

      Fix those crooked ass teeth🤓 It F-ing nasty looking at that snagle tooth bitch. They can steal money from the state of Alaska but can’t fix her teeth?!? With those F’d up teeth only her brothers gonna marry her. 😂

    6. Hhcc

      My roommate had cavities, skipped work one morning to go To the dentist, never made it to work,died in the chair because of his bad teeth.

    7. Mary

      You are A very lovely person inside and out!!! I am with you all the way on these points of interest… I love this family I feel a conetction with this family they are great hard working people I wish more people in this world was like this amazing lovely family…

    8. Nika

      I totally agree with you Anso and I will add one thing. After their first successful season, the whole family could have had their teeth fixed….what adds authenticity to the series is the fact that they want to preserve the image of back country bushfolk. Having bleached, straight teeth would detract from that.

    9. Kathy

      I think Billy is a bum who needs those boys too do all the manual labor in Browntown(lmfao) he’s a pathetic piece of shit that cares only for himself!! No one in their right mind can think otherwise even now as sick as Ami is he only thinks of how too get back too the Bush pleeeease give me a break and for that poor girls teeth is shameful

      1. Bobo

        Make that girl pretty like her little sister, because teeth are the gateway to the mouth. Lol. Teeth, man, teeth! Get em fixed, she’s young and deserves a nice smile. It’s not superficial to have a nice smile.

        1. Kent

          Well said bobo if she would at least crown that broken front tooth she could probably enter a beauty contest. People think we cutting her down but we actually admiring her for the way she is. We just asking her to fix her teeth to stay healthy.

      2. Mrs. Kennedy

        I love 💕 this family. How dare you call Billy a bum!! This whole family is precious and Billy CAN’T do the work he used to be able to do. Should they get their teeth fixed, probably. But all but one are adults and they’ll do it if they want–NOT what or when YOU want. If you like them, watch. If not, shut up with your hate filled comments, mind your OWN business and watch those fake, phony Kardouchebags. They sound like your type.

    10. Joe

      I think Snowbird Brown is so damn hot, just saying. Her simply being herself, as is, makes her extra cute. Snowbird, you can be my little Snowbird any day.

  2. Annie

    We didn’t have cable or internet for the past year and just re-started our service. While surfing thru channels today, I ended up on DSC and enjoyed watching Alaskan Bush People. I admire folks with a sense of adventure and the opportunity and skill to live life in a way I will never experience. I only watched one episode but for such a large family, they seem get along well and each person has a skill set which contributes to their survival. I liked the show and the people in it. Nothing wrong with earning money writing books, doing the show, etc. It’s called making a living.

  3. J

    Whoever wrote this editorial is quite ignorant, I agree with the other 2 comments. I enjoy the show, admire the entire family and also think Snowbird “birdy” is a lovely young woman. Personally, I’m in the military and travel often and only have intermittent cell/internet/television service, I enjoy my media blackout time emencely. In fact I watched the entire Alaskan Bush People series in one, Marathon type sitting before leaving my last base. One more thing to the toothe-nazi that wrote this editorial, stop putting so much effort into the dental health of others and maybe you will have enough time to get a life.

    1. Drsr

      Cmon u idiots. The girl has a front tooth broken and the two next to it
      Her teeth need attention. Why make an altercation about it.

    1. Lee

      Who cares? How many others have done the same thing but never were caught? The money never really belonged to anyone. It’s a freebie to compensate for any hardship the oil spills may have had on a person ‘s livelihood. Call it a bonus. It was never expected so it’s like winning a lottery. A lot of people collecting it were miles away and never even affected by any hardship. Just like there are thousands of illegal immigrants collecting free money and health care but hard working taxpayers are footing the bill. Now that’s something to complain about. The only reason it’s not an issue in Alaska is because they have no huge influx of illegal immigrants living there. So stop with the trash about their legal problems. They’re paying their debt to society unlike some others who’ve gotten away with it. Enough said.

      1. Margie

        You need to check your facts. It had nothing to do with a spill. It has to do with the revenues from the pipeline.

  4. love snowbird

    I think snow bird is sooo beautiful shes the reason I watch the show …something about her is genuine and real…and who wouldnt want a girl that could shoot and bring home dinner ? lol idk I love her cant wait to see what happens in later episode. Either or theyre pretty cool family I dont know why people have to judge them ..theyre living how we all should live and we can learn alot from them.

  5. VyQween55

    I have to agree with the previous POSITIVE comments. I too wondered about Snowbird’s teeth as well as Ami’s teeth. And why don’t they have them fixed. I mean, they must be getting mucho dollars from Discovery. But, in the end i guess it all boils down to: it just isn’t a priority.
    I’ve only seen a few episodes of season 3 but i am enjoying it. I’ll have the other season on demand.
    I still have many questions about the education, where they buy their clothes, where is
    el baño. They never seem to be dirty not even their nails- hmmm.
    I really like the show!

  6. Beverly Kole

    Billy Brown’s crying poverty is getting very old. Published books, T V series and crying with a loaf of bread under his arm..

  7. Kelsea

    I like how it says somethin’ about pushing to use media devices and such “when she gets older…” she is 20 or 21 years old lol.

  8. Tim From Ontario

    Snowbird is awsome, I would to love meet all the Brown’s one day i could live like that as well, They have it made!!

  9. MH

    Snowbird, should be named snageltooth Brown. I can’t imagine the stench that spews forth from the entire families mouths.

    If you watch any of the so called hunting scenes, why does no one ever look through their scope. I am former military and I will say that it helps to look through the scope from directly behind and not from 2-3 inches below. Maybe it is the filming angle or maybe it is because someone else is doing the hunting.

    If Snowbird is such a crack shot, let’s see her and the rest of the family at a real range with time stamped and synchronised cameras on the shooter and target. Then we will see if any of them can actually “bring home the meat” without the help of production crews and local hunters providing their food, housing and bear protection.

  10. Jimmy Reality

    I’m sure they make enough to get her some dental work, if nothing else, next contract with Discovery, put it in. Fix the poor girls teeth. No not life threatening, but are you kidding me? I have no where near the money they probably make from a tv show and I would do and have done everything I could to keep my kids looking the best they can. She needs dental work, look at her momma, that is the future.

  11. Carolyn Cheslock

    Looks to me like that girl with the snaggletooth mouth is going to end up in as bad of shape as her mother. Disgusting. bIlly comes across as a controlling ASSHOLE.

    1. Jlynn

      You’re ridiculous. He doesn’t come across as controlling at all. On the contrary, he’s very patient, never raises his voice and never even says a cuss word. Birdies teeth are none of your business. But I’ll drop some knowledge on you. They are not discolored in any way, and she has good gums. She most likely broke that one as a child and it just hasn’t been a priority to get a cosmetic fix.

      1. Elizabeth Jackson

        I know this post is a year old, but did you know Ami was 15 and Billy was 27 when they married? He wanted a wife he could raise and control. Why are none of the boys married. Ami says she wants them married and they are all old enough. I believe one is 32.

  12. Carolyn Cheslock

    sNowbird is going to end up with a mouth as bad as her Mothers. Disgusting. Billy is nothing but a controlling ASSHOLE?

  13. Jan

    This is a REALITY program. We really liked the Alaskan Bush People until doing a little reading on the internet. This show is completely scripted. The family didn’t build their home, don’t do their own hunting, doesn’t even live in the house…
    They make the big bucks from Discovery channel but can’t get decent health care… look at Ami’s teeth. It’s the first thing that you notice when you look at her. She’s not comfortable with it, she often puts her hand over her mouth when she smiles. And Snowbird’s mouth looks bad too. How sad for a young woman. She would look so good if someone would spring for a Dentist. It’s not like Billy Brown can’t afford it.
    Anyway, Probably shouldn’t have researched the show… it took the fun out of it. But come on, are we supposed to believe that those young men are leading the life of a Monk?!!

  14. CS

    I have to agree with Jan. When Ami talks she tries not to move her lips too much so that you can’t see all of her missing teeth. If Billy is this great father that he professes to be, his priority should be to get dental care for Snowbird. After all money is not an issue.

  15. Ron J

    If course the Brown family can now afford to get their teeth fixed. I’m guessing the reason Snowbird and others haven’t had their teeth fixed is because the “imperfections” add to the perceived authenticity of the family living in the bush. When the series is over, the whole family will probably be walking around with beautiful teeth.

    As for comments that this reality show isn’t “real,” well, duh, most reality programs are highly staged (I mean, comeon: Naked and Afraid?!). At the very least there has to be a high-tech production crew behind the lens. Just enjoy Alaskan Bush Family for the scenery and the interesting vignettes.

  16. Ronald Walker

    Stop this false bullshit rite now I’m pretty sure the pedophileia and incest is rampant here and the discovery channel should be held responsible for pushing this disscussting sham!!!!!!!

  17. LeRoy

    I tell you what, all you people with the negative comments shouldn’t be speaking. It’s there life let them live it how they want, not hurting you any and if they are turn the TV off!

  18. Dennis

    The bush people are fake. They owe so much to many and refuse to pay. They are not God loving christians!!!!!

  19. David

    I think all of them are great. As for the great tooth debate. So long as Ms. Snow Bird has ‘NO’ health dangers, she’s fine. The rest is cosmetic and it’s adding to the character attributes. They ‘ALL’ have something interesting about them. That’s why we watch. 🙂

  20. sweet T

    If you notice in past shows as Birdy is somewhat slim. Yet with in the last few months her upper legs and hips have started to balloon. Either there is a weight problem going on or Snow bird appears to be pregnant. That raises a whole new set of questions as to who is the Daddy?

    1. james

      Snowbird is very sexy and has a good personallity… flat out ….!! At least she has class and dignity too live out in tha bush….! If I could I’d would love too be with her right now…..but oviousally I cant but if I could I damm sure would because she’s tough as nails and would probably kick ur ass ..

      1. Mama Donna

        Then change to CNN ,now that’s REAL TV . All you A- holes who evidently watch every week ,WHY? Is it just to show your ignorance to admit you watch ,but put down everything about the show ? It would take a really uneducated person not to know that this family have money ,go to town ,have nice things ,and enjoy some fine things in life .
        They also enjoy experiencing the way of living in the Bush .
        I have never replied to any of these ignorant posts ,but lying in my bed tonight reading some of your dumbs¥# comments just go too damned far .
        It’s a Reality TV show . Of course there are lots of cameras and crew .
        Get a life .watch one of the REAL Reality shows where they all but read the lines ,and stop being an ignorant ,rude asshole ,commenting on something that you or I know very little about .
        I love this show ,therefore I watch it . You on the other hand have a remote in your hand . If you don’t like this show ,just click that channel button and stop with all the rude comments . PLEASE . Thank you .

  21. Rebecca Zinko


    1. MawmawSuee

      It’s called off the grid living and home schooled. Their mother and father are not idiots and they do go into other villages and towns to buy what they want. What do you think humans did before electricity, running water or Electronics??? You think females didn’t have periods long before Kotex or Tampax ever made??? It’s called having a brain, we can show you but we can’t make you learn it.

  22. MawmawSuee

    First of all get real, Birdies teeth are not rotten, she was learning to shoot a shotgun at a very young age after her front teeth came in and in the process took the recoil of the shotgun in the mouth breaking her front tooth. If you watch later episode you will see her teaching Rain her little sister, to put the shotgun against a tree under her arm so the shotgun recoil will not hit her in the face, this teaches a younger person how to handle a shotgun and avoid injury, until she is strong enough to shoot the shotgun and hold the shotgun study after firing.
    And just for you know it all’s she has the money to get it fixed but she’s says it’s her and it is part of who she is. That she has no cavities or rot in her mouth only in your head. If you don’t like how she smiles, don’t look.

  23. Jan

    C’mon people, if you saw her on the street you would not give her the time of day but because she’s on TV you say she’s beautiful. Can you imagine if Kim Kardashian came out with missing teeth and no make-up? Having a messed-up mouth doesn’t make the show more authentic. She just looks like she doesn’t care about how she looks to the viewers or to anyone else. She has a choice because she can afford to see a dentist. She chooses not to. Her little sister cares about how she looks as she has been experimenting with make-up and fixing her hair.

    1. Rachel vaughan

      You people are so silly! U see a very small part of the Browns life! You don’t know why or if she has or had not set something up with a dentist.

  24. Jett Depp

    Kim Kardashian is an ugly whore, Snowbird is more woman than Kim will ever be, and also prettier and more importantly realer!

    1. Mrs. Kennedy

      Halef’ingluja(sp)!!!!!!!!! That “rich for no reason” is bullshit. They’ve NEVER done an honest day’s work, let alone work hard. At least the Brown’s aren’t afraid of hard work and have a great work ethic. Can’t EVEN say that for those useless Kardouchebags.

  25. Rachel vaughan

    Why do you care? Have you ever thought that Mr Brown is trying to make money for his family. You shoes me the orthodontist who’s willing to “work with the brown children.” As for millions of dollars to do this reality tv show 😆 Where on earth did u get that idea?!😂 And lastly, I grew up much like the Browns. We all made money in my family of 9. I was buying and selling silver&ahold, by the time I was 12. I don’t have a 3rd grade education, yet I aced my fed, with no studying. My point, u learn a lot when u live on the outskirts of life. Let the Browns be. Having your kids be part of and sharing in the bread winning, this is a good thing.

  26. XOXO

    Have you noticed any mirrors in the Bush? I haven’t, did you ever think that just maybe they are not trying make money on their looks

    Things that make you go hummmm

    1. michael brunet

      snowbird, aka snags needs to get that spike, tooth fixed!! before ami got dental work done my mouth hurt just looking at her. rain looks like a kid that could be standing on a street corner in hoonah making money for the family. i would love to know what bears IQ is, i will bet good money its not extreme. this is not a reality show. its a comedy, thats why we watch it.bears number 1 pick up line “do u like to climb trees” ! i love gabes leather jacket, now thats real bush! if i ever get to alaska im going to make sure i buy a tank top and a black leather jacket, if i cant survive in the bush with those 2 items i cant make it anywhere. most people in their 20’s and 30’s have left home and have a life of their own a family of their own,but not the brown clan


  27. Robert Dunham

    I’ watching the roofing episode, the free stuff they got from the junk yard is not the new roofing material they are installing. Seems to me this episode is more than a little “phony”

  28. Frieda from Texas!!!

    It’s funny to read all these negative comments. You all know so much about them, have so many ugly things to say…Yet, can’t seem to unglue your faces from the show. Really? Real or not, I love them all…Especially Gabe. It would be wonderful to meet a man that works half as hard as those men do. I want to live in Alaska…with the browns.

  29. G Mills

    I’m from Alaska born and raised very close to this so called brown town and have met the bush people my only problems is shows like this give the wrong impression about Alaskans and make Alaskans look like idiots as do many other Alaska reality tv shows(ax men,Alaskan bush people,Alaska monsters ect…)they are all scripted and 100% fake which if you have half a brain you should already know. That being said the show is entertaining fake but still funny to watch I don’t judge them for making the show and like I said before met them and they are not bad people they are just after the all mighty doller just like everyone else can’t hate them for that

    1. michael brunet

      snowbird, aka snags needs to get that spike, tooth fixed!! before ami got dental work done my mouth hurt just looking at her. rain looks like a kid that could be standing on a street corner in hoonah making money for the family. i would love to know what bears IQ is, i will bet good money its not extreme. this is not a reality show. its a comedy, thats why we watch it.bears number 1 pick up line “do u like to climb trees” ! i love gabes leather jacket, now thats real bush! if i ever get to alaska im going to make sure i buy a tank top and a black leather jacket, if i cant survive in the bush with those 2 items i cant make it anywhere. most people in their 20’s and 30’s have left home and have a life of their own a family of their own,but not the brown clan


  30. Toby

    Ok FIRST OFF hey ANSO… you’re definitely a creepy child molestor In my opinion…

    Ok now to this….:

    It is so sad to see so many people concerned about someone else’s business, mind your own business, why are you overweight? Why do you smoke? Why don’t you wash your hands after going to the bathroom? Guarantee everyone commenting on birds teeth are far far from perfect themselves..

  31. Jan Young

    “Brown Town” is just a set that they shoot this reality program on… not where they actually live. It’s ENTERTAINMENT.

  32. Sharon V

    1st to G. Mills-I love to watch everything Alaskan and I don’t think that these shows make you look bad. Hunting and fishing in a harsh environment is impressive. Good skills to have in a Zombie Apocalypse or when our new president takes office…
    So Bird has a broken tooth. Do you tell people that are overweight or with a birthmark that they aren’t acceptable? The media has determined their guidelines for beauty but our hearts have to see the real person. And really? Set the standard of beauty by Kim Kardashian? Seriously?

    1. michael brunet

      snowbird doesnt need a knife when she goes out on a hunt, she can skin and dress out a deer with her tooth! she doesnt need bear spray,all she has to do is smile.barney fife was andys real life deputy in mayberry, and floyd really was a good barber! if billy is such a great provider why did it take 35 yrs. to finally build a shack with cardboard walls, then make it all sound good by calling it browntown. good parents nuture their children to become self relient. the browns , with the exception of rain are all in their 20’s and 30’s how healthy is that?

      1. michael brunet

        im on a a roll about the browns. billy is laughing all the way to the bank, he wins! i see gabe “sean connery” has a mouthful of braces that has made it so much easier to understand him when he tries to talk. poor matt, hes 34 and going hunting all by himself, ami is concerned and worried but knows the lord is with him, along with a camera crew, giving him the rifle and extra ammo was very touching. i would love to be able to howl like bear so i could pretend i was 5 instead of a really extreme 27! who does rain get all dolled up for? i thought they all lived in the bush

        1. Ellen

          Hahaha Michael. I’m just scrolling and reading. Scrolling…..Reading….Rolling eyes…Laughing with you not at you. I have just have a huge problem with all of the above especially when I met someone who lived in the nearby vicinity of the Browns. I’d be OK with a “Yes, we have lived in the Bush, OFF and ON for years” rather than hearing all of their lives. If you’re OK with letting people believe that you are who you are and you do what you say you do in the authentic ways that you do them, then somethings all kinds of fucked up. I also think it’s fucking disgusting that a grown ass man married a young teenager and she was MUCH younger when they first met. Do what you want, live how you want, but I’ve been done with it since I found out that the patriarch was a pedophiliac. I’m real good.

  33. Sharon V

    Michael, you obviously don’t know anything about the opposite sex. Teenage girls get ‘dolled up’ to feel grown up. Ladies in their 20’s dress up to feel beautiful and appeal to men. As we get older we learn that most men aren’t worth the trouble.

    1. michael brunet

      im on a a roll about the browns. billy is laughing all the way to the bank, he wins! i see gabe “sean connery” has a mouthful of braces that has made it so much easier to understand him when he tries to talk. poor matt, hes 34 and going hunting all by himself, ami is concerned and worried but knows the lord is with him, along with a camera crew, giving him the rifle and extra ammo was very touching. i would love to be able to howl like bear so i could pretend i was 5 instead of a really extreme 27! who does rain get all dolled up for? i thought they all lived in the bush

    2. michael brunet

      the browns are a farce, a joke, nothing but a joke! the joke is on us because we keep watching. its like watching an old episode of i love luci

    3. michael brunet

      did you know billy is wothh about 500,000 grand? the kids, if you can call a 34 yr.a old kid are making around 60, 00 grand a year. they do not live in the BUSH they live on our tv sets !

    4. michael brunet

      i do know , but this is a a real family that lives a lie and all us bozozs on the bus tune in to watch them every week! great entertainment, even though we know its not true

  34. michael brunet

    i just went out in my yard, did 3 sumersaults, howled at anybody that would listen with my new red nikes and found a tree to climb, it was extreme! totally extreme! the best comedy show since seinfield. i do understand women but rain is not a woman shes 14!

    1. michael brunet

      i know that when i turned 34
      i did not want to live in a house made of tires. but its the bush, its family, its the way billy says “its the brown way”

  35. Sharon V

    Michael, I didn’t say ‘women’. If you read you can see that I specified ‘opposite sex’. Let this be a lesson. You don’t really know what women think. If you did then you would understand teenage girls and makeup. She’s sweet and is being as normal as she can with only having a mirror on a tree.

  36. michael brunet

    i wonder what member of the family it would look like? if the baby is climbing trees before it walks and howling instead of crying, enough said. lets all hope that if it a boy its born with a silly looking stash

  37. michael brunet

    ami was 15 and billy 26 when they were married! isnt that against the law? ami is home schooling with a 10th grade education, 2×2 is 7 i think,

  38. Bob Godfrey

    You know,I have no clue as to how old rain is but there composure And control in the bush have fascinated me from the beginning…The way she walks and talks is amazing to me…….i am above 50 and would like to spend a week with bird just too see what makes her tick…….Very intriging lady and has some smarts to boot……Just like finding a diamond in the rough……….Age permiting I would marry here in a heartbeat………From Oklahomavery beautiful woman

  39. Michelle

    People are very quick to judge. I really don’t care if this show is fake or not; I enjoy the family orientation and values that the Brown family tries to portray. I would like to know about Birdy; like does she have a boyfriend/girlfriend (not trying to be funny)? What would her ideal mate entail? Does she want a big family? Would she move to a bigger area if she found true love? Beside her family, what kind of friends does she have? Sttuff like that. I live in the Appalachian Mtns and would love to meet her. I am a Mother of 7 and have 13 grandchildren….so for the crazies…. I just woul like to see or here more ahout her.

  40. Nelson Herrera

    People please,it’s tv. Just like the Kilchers . It’s scripted . Discovery makes money from this crap . Billy is a scamer and the kids don’t know any better. Billy get your kids some dental care before they all have heart problems.

  41. Margaret Nolte

    The problem is that the bear invasion tore up her mirror and she really hasn’t looked at herself with her teeth the way they are. Plus she doesn’t read anything about herself, because if she did I’m sure she would get her teeth fixed.

  42. Bernadine Spencer

    I have a son who would like to spend the rest of his life with does one get in touch with her or how does my son get to know her as a person.he loves the fact the she loves to hunt and fish and live off the grid.any info of nowhere can get I. Touch with her would be great..
    My son’s name is Mike and he is 18 will be 19 this year..
    What is she looking for in a guy.

    1. Pete Petersen

      How bout dating Bear? Not only a chronic masturbator but with down syndrome, he’d be perfect for your son. Little known fact, when he’s not mounting trees he’s mounting Rainy!

  43. Jim Edmond

    Has everyone forgotten its a REALITY show, this family live in real homes and use modern devices, Brown Town is only a movie set (persay)

  44. John

    You got more going for ya then these people give you credit for..what the heck do they know..hard to find good dentist in the woods

  45. Richard

    The bush family TV show is staged. They travel on vacation all over . They make money from the show .
    Snowbird doesn’t fix her teeth because she wants people to talk about it. Don’t believe what you see.
    But good for them.

  46. Big Dave

    I would bet she gives painful BJs with those jacked up teeth. It’s like putting your dong in a meat grinder.

  47. Snowbird, sit on my face dear.

    I’d rather date Snowbird – with her strange manner of speech and imperfect teeth – than the petty, superficial, mean-spirited, hypocritical, barely-literate CUNTS in this thread.

    All of this focus on her teeth, rather than meaningful traits like character, personality, intellect… just makes me hate 95% of humanity all the more. The Browns, quirkiness aside, are smarter than YOU. They at least portray the sense of knowing what actually matters in life.

    I enjoy the show, even knowing most of it is scripted and fake. They all ‘seem’ like good people, rumors of impropriety aside.

  48. Fidelroyolanda Smackonmytiddyboosters III

    hahaha… what do you call a group of retards giving self-entitled, worthless opinions and arguing over the teeth of someone they don’t, and never will know? For TWO F’N YEARS???


  49. Wyns

    It’s not just about the teeth
    It’s about the money they have to care for themselves and they don’t .
    Because they are portraying themselves as poor people.
    And they are not! Do the show , but damn take care of yourselves is it really worth the risk of diseases, infection and death to be on tv ???

  50. Pete Petersen

    Some good news!! I hear that it’s official, that when ABP goes off air this winter that Miss Bird will be a DJ here @ Hoonah’s #1 talk radio station. Bird will have regular features such as ” I talk to animals” and “tying deer meat around neck to get Mr. Cupcakes to play with her”, removing skidmarks from underwear using only toothbrush and treesap” , “seaweed into feminine products” and some dandy specials coming up such as “my daddy says I’m the best French-kisser in Hoonah, some physical education topics “5 brothers / 3holes” health topics” how to deal with double dose of Downs Syndrome ( Bear & Gabe) and assisting Noah with his body fluid sampling taste testing. Remember Bird with face like that-you definitely belong n radio.

  51. Virginia L.

    I just can’t get over all the ugly & ignorant comments that I have read on this site. Of course it is a reality show. Some are worth watching some are not such as Naked & Afraid. I don’t care for that one or the Kardashians. So, I choose not to watch them. I do however like the ABP the brown family. So, I do watch that program. I don’t see Downs Syndrome in either kid on the show. Try to clean up your language and leave the youngest out of all this unless it is to say she is pretty. Please?

  52. Linda hoopes

    No wonder the boys are getting out of this show for all the world to see over and over. It’s so sad and an invasion of their privacy in addition to their own mothers Heath. Enough is enough! This family is damaged enough.

  53. victor Vito

    There personal lives are their business. The TV show is entertainment. Whether you
    believe its real or not is up to you. If you don”t like it don’t watch it. If you don’t have
    something nice to say about someone keep it to yourself. This is a great program to me
    and I’m sure there are people that live like that even if they don’t. Most things on TV are
    fake including the news. But at least this show is not about violence or drugs. It has a good
    meaning to family values of loving one another and whats the most important thing in life.
    I pray for the mother that is being treated for cancer, sure some people think that’s fake also.
    The show gives you hope that life will be okay! I love the show and the people on it. My prayers
    are with you , good health and happiness, that includes making money. Nothing wrong with that.
    Spend it how you want to!!!!

  54. Newcomer Jennifer

    We are such a vain, mean, cruel world. ! Why is anybody’s medical or dental issues, anybody’s business? Most, people in this world, don’t have a perfect body; or perfect teeth. All on this board, who are making fun, laughing, or criticizing bad teeth conditions, should feel ashamed of themselves; and have compassion on these people with bad dental issues. Its REALLY VERY RUDE, INCONSIDERATE , AND HURTFUL to the people, who have these types of conditions, you’re talking about and making light of. How, would you like to have bad teeth and read message boards, about what others had to say about them? People, already feel badly enough for what they’ve done to themselves. God, sees all and takes care of all in the end. He defends His own children, and puts their enemies in their place.

  55. Jeremy medley

    You are very beautiful and i like you just the way you are, your personality is what im attracted to and your beauty is a big plus.

  56. LYDIA



  57. Lonewolf

    I think for for people to sir and write rants about Birds teeth is just another example of how technology has just ruined America. We all need to Leave the poor girl alone. I admire the way the Browns live and survive. America should still live very simple like that everything the own is so valuble to them cause they bartered or worked hard for everything the have. Totally of the rant I wrote just rant goes to half of the people that commented about her teeth I bet most of you have a lot of fucked up teeth yourselves. I usually would not even take the time to even comment on something like this but reading half the nonsense I just read bothers me. I have seen every episode the have broadcasted, its what’s on the inside not on the outside that makes someone beautiful. Also before anybody comments on my spelling or punctuation Its probably bad that’s quite ok I have my G.E.D and a grate job. Goodnite all you synacle #ASSHOLES. #BIRD is beautiful women that can live better than most of us. I’d love to find a women like her ,SHIT THE GIRLS A SNIPER THAT COULD OUT WORK MOST OF US AND PROBABLY HAS MORE MONEY THAN MOST AND SHE IS A VERY #SIMPLE GIRL NEXT DOOR TYPE OF WOMAN. I THANK HER PARENTS FOR RAISING HER LIKE THAT,I THINK MORE PEOPLE SHOULD BE RZISED LIKE HER. #America went wrong with so much technology. GNITE WORLD

  58. Nan Keil

    I agree. I’ve had tooth aches, abscesses, all that jazz. My eyes swollen shut from infection etc… Got them fixed and felt 100% better. Not only do her teeth look bad, it’s a health risk. Her body is constantly fighting that infection which is hard on her kidneys and immune system. I believe the cause in part is insufficient vitamins and minerals in her diet. The fact that Billy is so self righteous and is a boarder line narcissist who gives us this ” we want to go back to the Bush ” crap is insane. These people screwed the state of Alaska over more than once, come across as back to the lander’s but the one wears a motorcycle jacket, I’m sure that keeps him warm in 20 below zero weather. Billy’s as full of shit as a Christmas goose. He wanted all those kids with them so he could draw the money from the state. Trying to come across as broke but made thousands of dollars from the show and his other deals. If the kids all moved away he wouldn’t have anyone left to work the place but him and I dont see that happening. I think hes lazy as a town dog and he’s keeping those kids from seeking medical and dental care because of his own beliefs with no concern as to the health of his kids, who are grown adults for the most part. . Jmho.

  59. Bushlover

    This is awesome! We all wondered the same stuff watching this show and so many people on the same page. Here’s my breakdown…
    Billy is an asshole and loves his family more than anything because to him his family IS him. He’s a narcissist for sure, but he did make his family famous, and they live comfortably. Hearing that those poor girls got to stay at the Icy Strait Lodge instead of in a boat hold or next to their parents in an unheated shack was GOOD to hear IMHO. When we get pissed at Billy it’s because it looks like he makes his family suffer to chase his dream, and at times it was true. Leaving Ketchikan while Ami was accessing made me want to beat his ass for doing that to his wife. She was sick. Every time Billy got sick, the world stopped, and they all moved to chase after him while Ami was in the worst pain imaginable and potentially near death. So yeah, he’s a prick, and Godly men don’t get married, father two kids, have it end disastrously, then decide to try again with a 14 year old child. Ami seems so programmed sometimes, and the time the AST came out for the welfare check, she acted like a woman covering up for the guy that abused her. I cringed. Every time I look at Snowbird I too wonder why he didn’t get her teeth fixed. Teenage girls terrorize themselves over their looks, whether they live in a tent or in a penthouse. You know that she hates her teeth, maybe to the point that doing something about it would make it worse because she’s so shy and she’s ashamed to talk about it to anyone. Who knows? I always thought even when they were supposedly paying for dentists with fish that there has to be an Oral Surgeon out there who LOVES this show and would probably do the work pro bono. I think the best thing to come out of all of this is that the youngest one grew up in the spotlight and will get to live a much more normal life because of the show.


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