Social Media Rankings #1

This is an interesting week as we are head in to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. One would expect there will be a ton of shared sales and deals, but which social network will be the place in which shoppers are sharing these low prices? Facebook has tried diligently to “sell” items through so we will see if that comes to fruition in 2014. Here are the social media rankings based on Twitter mentions for the week of November 16th through 22nd, 2014:

1. Facebook – 27,650,619 total mentions – 3,950,088 mentions per day

2. YouTube – 27,004,937 total mentions – 3,857,771 mentions per day

3. Instagram – 22,481,610 total mentions – 3,211,658 mentions per day

4. Vine – 14,031,897 total mentions – 2,004,556 mentions per day

5. Tumblr – 4,930,160 total mentions – 704,308 mentions per day

6. – 3,272,121 total mentions – 467,455 mentions per day

7. Pinterest – 867,447 total mentions – 123,921 mentions per day

On the outside looking in: Reddit,, Flickr, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Imgur, Ello and Tsu.

In an interesting note on some newcomers, it looks like is getting about 10 times the mentions of Note that both of these social networks are receiving less than 20,000 mentions per day so the big names have nothing to worry about when it comes to a drop in the rankings. I honestly do not see any of the smaller social networks making an appearance in the Top 7 in the near future; maybe I will be wrong.

Most people do not think of when it comes to social media websites. In fact, almost all the “experts” you ask would say that Pinterest is bigger than both Tumblr and When it comes to mentions on Twitter it is not even comparable. What is crazy about this number is Pinterest really got its start because users could Tweet the pins they had just pinned. I assume most people stopped doing this long ago because is not getting nearly the mentions of the other social networks.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach I predict YouTube will actually overtake Facebook at the #1 spot in social media rankings. Early in November, YouTube had 12 straight days in which it had more mentions than Facebook. Just this week did Facebook overtake YouTube in total mentions.

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