Social Media vs Organic Search SEO Leads Case Study

For years, we have explained to clients that social media offers a branding opportunity, but it does not provide leads, patients or customers willing to spend money. This is a four month case study we just completed with a car dealership to further prove our point.

The data is as follows:


  • Organic Search Traffic – 4385 Visitors – 100 leads
  • Social Media Traffic – 194 Visitors – 2 leads
  • Paid Search Traffic – 917 Visitors – 4 leads


  • Organic Search Traffic – 3837 Visitors – 86 leads
  • Social Media Traffic – 772 Visitors – 0 leads
  • Paid Search Traffic – 1344 Visitors – 13 leads


  • Organic Search Traffic – 4370 Visitors – 78 leads
  • Social Media Traffic – 2169 Visitors – 0 leads
  • Paid Search Traffic – 1621 Visitors – 16 leads


  • Organic Search Traffic – 3702 Visitors – 80 leads
  • Social Media Traffic – 2955 Visitors – 0 leads
  • Paid Search Traffic – 1636 Visitors – 10 leads


  • Organic Search Traffic – 16,294 Visitors – 344 leads
  • Social Media Traffic – 6090 Visitors – 2 leads
  • Paid Search Traffic – 5518 Visitors – 43 leads

These are the facts. Organic Search Traffic brought in 344 hot leads over the course of four months. Social media brought in two leads and paid search brought in 43 leads. The amount of money paid on social media and paid search was significantly higher than SEO.

Time and again we see dentists, orthodontists, personal injury law firms and car dealerships spending $10k plus a month on social media and paid search. Rather than spending this much money on these types of Internet Marketing, it would be a good idea to look and see where your leads are coming from. As we tell everyone, when people are actively searching for a product or service, they want that product. When they are on social media, they are not actively looking for a product or search.

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One thought on “Social Media vs Organic Search SEO Leads Case Study

  1. Len

    I use very little social media, but when I do, unless there is an exceptional deal in my feed, the ads, in general, are almost like a telemarketing call. Unexpected, unwanted, and an annoying disruption.


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