Solve 9x – 7i < 3 (3x - 7u) Mass Text - I'm In Boys

So, over Christmas break, the screenshot of the calculus problem 9x – 7i < 3 (3x – 7u) has been floating around on social media. It has been on Snapchat, Reddit, Kik and Tumblr. So, why is this going around so much and what does it mean? Obviously, this is a calculus problem that is not very easy. With i being an imaginary number and solving for multiple variables, only the smartest high school and college students can figure this out.

Well, here you go:

Nerdy love! When done correctly, it spells i<3u.

From what we gather, this is a way to “test” girls to see if they are smart enough for you. If you are a very smart engineering type (math and science), there is nothing more attractive than a girl who can solve calculus problems. There are very few females that have the “math” brain so this mass text is going around and some of the responses from the girls are hilarious.

Have you seen this screenshot? Have you seen the mass text going around on Snapchat, Kik and Instagram? What exactly does it mean?

We have learned this was sent to Jenna in a mass text and Tucker was the one that sent it? Is that correct?

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