Should Businesses Consider Spanish SEO for Their Website?

In the past decade, we have worked with every industry from personal injury law to automotive. While each industry is unique, one thing is certain, there are Spanish speaking Americans looking for your services or products. Whether you are a local dentist or orthodontist or you sell widgets on Amazon and Wayfair, there are plenty of customers that speak the second most spoken language in the United States (Spanish). Therefore, if you are doing any type of internet marketing or SEO you likely need SEO in Spanish. It makes sense that you would target every possible customer or client, right?

Why would you miss out on a large number of potential customers or clients solely because you do not speak the language? Most businesses work diligently to hire a Spanish speaking employee so why not have a Spanish translation on your website and throughout your Internet marketing?

What makes Spanish SEO so intriguing is the fact that there is much less competition for those highly valuable keywords. Instead of competing with every dental office in the local area to rank for dental keywords in English you will likely be competing with dental offices in other states or none at all for Spanish keywords.

If you manage a car dealership, you have sold vehicles to Spanish speaking customers. If you are an orthodontist, you have put braces on Spanish speaking children. If you are a lawyer, you have worked with and represented Spanish speaking clients. While word of mouth is very powerful in all cultures, it is a guarantee that Spanish speaking Americans are using Google just like everyone else.

Now that Google is the trust engine that connects customers and patients to business owners, it is imperative that your business create content in Spanish and optimize for this language. If you wait to start your Spanish SEO campaign competitors are going to pass you by. Once they start their campaign and begin uploading Spanish content you are going to struggle to catch them from an optimization and ranking in Google standpoint.

If you are interested in Spanish SEO and would like to rank for keywords Spanish speaking Americans are searching for, reach out to Jake Elizando at Having taught English as a second language in Spain he is well versed in both languages. Having a Spanish speaking SEO expert and content writer could take your business to the next level.

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