What is the Spoiler Girl Silent Dance Off at Utah State on Snapchat?

If you have been on Snapchat in the last three hours you have seen the Utah State Spoiler Silent Dance Off story. It is about eight minutes long and goes through the romance of Madison and Trevor as well as the spoiler vs non spoiler silent dance off at the Utah State library. Anyone that does not go to Utah State likely has no idea what this is. We sure didn’t.

Most universities have an end of semester and/or end of year event to culminate all the hard work of the undergrads. At UNC they have LDOC (Last Day of Class) and a few other library antics. At almost every school in the country, students find a way to let off some steam. Obviously at Utah State, there is a silent dance off between the Spoiler vs Non Spoiler groups.

We really have no idea what they are spoiling. If you currently go to Utah State, we would greatly appreciate a better explanation as to what is going on on your campus tonight.

Also, does anyone know if Trevor and Madison are now dating? What about the Spoiler girl and the Non Spoiler guy? Along those lines, what was up with the audio being off on some of the videos? Is Utah State in an area where there is no Wifi or LTE coverage?

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I’ve heard Trevor and Madison have been on a second date and it went well. Spoiler Girl has been on our Snapchat story every week since it started spoiling movies. There has been a lot of talk about whether she should be on their or not. A lot of people hate her spoilers. That’s where the spoiler thing came from. Utah State has a silent half hour dance party every semester in the library followed by the howl where everyone in the library howls/screams as loud as they can to let off some steam. The dance battle just happened to… Read more »

The Boss
The Boss

Personally I would hire Spoiler Girl the minute she graduates. I think she’s a badass.