Sports and Concert Online Ticket Sales SEO and Copywriting Services

If you want to get more visitors to your online ticket website contact me at I have monthly SEO and content packages that can help you sell more tickets through Google search visitors.

There is huge money in sports and concert tickets. In fact, StubHub went from nothing to a billion dollar company in a matter of a few years because of the popularity of online sports tickets. Unfortunately, there are a number of sports ticketing agencies that cannot gain traction because they do not rank on the front page of Google search. Ranking on the front page of Google search could mean the difference in selling a large portion of your inventory and not selling any at all.

Ranking on the front page of Google for online sports tickets or concert tickets can be very challenging. That said, with the proper creative team in place there is plenty of amazing content that can be published on a daily basis. Publishing daily content will increase the likelihood of links and more search traffic. With dozens of sporting events taking place every single day there is no reason your sports or concert ticket website should not be producing a number of blog posts or articles every 24 hours.

Taking on big names like StubHub and Ticketmaster are possible if you are willing to put in the work. In fact, with enough quality content published every day there is a good chance your ticketing agency will be able to outrank these names with six to nine months. It will take a commitment of time, money and energy but it will be well worth it in the long run when all your tickets sell out.

Creative content is extremely important in the eyes of Google. The Google algorithm was build on new and unique content. If your sports or concert ticket website is doing the same thing as all of your competitors there is no reason Google should rank your website higher. If you are creating even better and unique content Google will see you as an authority and rank your website near the top of page one.

If you would like to see your search traffic increase reach out to me at I have several monthly SEO and content packages that can help you rank much high in Google search. This will result in more ticket sales and higher revenue down the line. If you want to compete with the big names of the ticketing world you will need to publish content on a daily basis. Start today.

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