Stanley Cup Parade Snapchat Story on June 18th, 2015

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After winning the 2015 Stanley Cup, the Chicago Blackhawks had their parade in downtown Chicago today. Now that Snapchat is pushing as many stories as possible, they are sure to focus on anything that has a large number of fans willing to look at their smartphones. This Snapchat Story was cool because it had videos and pictures of some of the NHL Blackhawks players snapping from their vantage point. I think we are going to see much more of this moving forward with athletes and stars using Snapchat. Here are a few of the screenshots I took:

stanley-cup-chicago-snapchat-story stanley-cup-parade-snapchat-story snapchat-story-blackhawks-parade blackhawks-parade-snapchat

I have never been to Chicago but this looked like quite the event. I know Chicago has some of the best sports fans in the world and they came out for the Stanley Cup parade. Did you enjoy this Snapchat Story? Do you think Snapchat could have done a better job?

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