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Stubhub customer service is something that has been a very hot topic as the ticketing website continues to grow. When looking at Google Trends it is quite obvious that more and more people are buying tickets online. Ticket Monster is a great example of a company that will allow sports and entertainment fans to find ticket options while on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Before making any ticket purchase at Stubhub, Ticket Monster, eBay or on Craigslist it is a good idea to get some honest opinions from people who have purchased tickets from the outlets.


Almost all retail websites allow shoppers to read reviews from individuals who have used them. Remember that not all reviews are created equal. In fact, it is recommended that potential ticket buyers look for reviews and complaints that are not hosted on the Stubhub website. By doing a few quick Google searches for “Stubhub complaints” or “Stubhub reviews” you should be able to get a better grasp as to the customer service of Stubhub. I am going to solve much of that by illustrating some of the responses online in this resource. Here is what I found.

Stubhub Complaints

The website Consumer Affairs is simply amazing. There are currently 155 complaints and reviews related to Stubhub on the site. It is very important to remember that Stubhub sells millions of tickets a week so 155 complaints is not a huge number. Do not feel as if Stubhub is a terrible company simply because there are a few online complaints. There are no companies in America that do not have at least a handful of complaints. Here are some of the complaints that caught my eye:

“I bought a ticket for Jay-Z in Atlanta. $163.00 was authorized on my debit card. Stubhub claimed that the order was “incomplete”, but held my money via the authorization. They claimed they never charged my card. They refused to even call American Express to get a manual authorization, even though I provided them with a transaction number and a 24-hour phone number for American Express. American Express wanted to help, but Stubhub refused to help. This was a Christmas gift for my daughter. Stubhub stole Christmas from my daughter, and $163.00 from me. Stubhub claims they have to investigate. The 24-hour chat line was no help, as they claimed another department has to look into this matter. They take too long to resolve problems.”

“I recently purchased season tickets on Stubhub and to my surprise I only received tickets to 1 game. After numerous calls to customer service I still don’t have the season tickets I paid for. They have offered me a “coupon” for future purchases but not the season tickets I paid for. Are you kidding me?!?! My most recent experience has been a complete fraud and was told by Jonathon on the “resolutions team” that they couldn’t stand by their online guarantee because “they wouldn’t have a business if they stood by their guarantee every time someone got scammed like I did” on their site.”

“We sold our “One Direction” tickets that were no longer wanted. The concert was July 23, 2013 in Dallas, TX. The amount of money we were supposed to get was $510. It is now August 23, 2013, and we still have not received the majority of the money owed us. For some obtuse reason, three checks were supposedly drawn. One for $20 that was to be a “courtesy” since we’ve waited for so long, one for $210, and the third for $300. We have received the first two, but the third check is “missing.” AND, we’ve had to make phone call after phone call to get the first two checks delivered. Promises were made that the checks were “in processing,” they “were being drawn,” they were being sent. All with an almost week’s wait from phone call to phone call and promise to promise. This is ridiculous! I will never use Stubhub again, and I will never recommend this service to anyone. SIX weeks to receive our money is unacceptable. Buyer BEWARE! Seller BEWARE!”

If you want to read these and many more reviews and complaints make certain to check out this link. I would also suggest taking the time to check some of the reviews on the Stubhub website. Take those reviews with a grain of salt as you do all reviews. Compile all reviews before making any final decisions when it comes to a ticket purchase. Another interesting website ticket buyers should utilize is Ripoff Report. Below are some of the reports from Ripoff Report:

“Stubhub sold me invalid tickets to the September 18th Yankees game. I have asked several times for an answer: Did they or the owner of the tickets commit fraud? I am still waiting for their reply, despite several requests for an answer. Oh – they did send me a $200 credit. The cost of my trip exceeded $4k. I do plan to submit a complaint to the NY Attorney General’s office. I hope this will work; I have my doubts. I see StubHub (an EBAY Co) donated to the AG’s political campaign fund. I am open to joining a class action, if others want to do the same.”

“Be warned that StubHub will not let you cancel an order even if it hasn’t been completed and won’t be for over a month — because the seller doesn’t even have the tickets yet! Instead, they encourage you to “re-sell” the tickets using their site, even though they know you don’t have the tickets yet! This way they make additional fees at your expense. Lovely business practices. I will never use them again, and if I don’t receive my tickets in a month (three days before the event!), I will follow up with more reviews, because even if they do reimburse me, I will have wasted money on travel and the hotel. I used to think buying tickets from Stubhub was a great option, but they have lost me as a customer.”

For all the Ripoff Report Stubhub complaints check out this link.

Do Your Research on Tickets

Anyone that has purchased tickets knows how important it is to do their research. Purchasing tickets on eBay and Craigslist can sometimes be a risky proposition. This is one of the reasons websites like Stubhub and Ticket Monster have become so popular. They guarantee you tickets whereas eBay and Craigslist are sometimes a risky proposition. I always say that you must tread lightly when looking at any type of classified listing whether it be online or in a newspaper or magazine.

There are way too many valuable resources available to go into any ticket purchase blind. By doing some searching for as little as one hour you will get a much better understanding as to which company is best for your needs. Some of my friends are adamant that the lowest price isn’t the best when it comes as a cost. They won’t shop at WalMart just because they know the customer service will be bad. Think about this when making any type of entertainment or sports ticket purchase. Also, please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any reviews or complains when it comes to StubHub, Ticket Monster or any ticketing company.

Reviews from Social Media

I did a little bit of crowd sourcing on social media, mainly Google+, and these are some of the reviews I received:

“I have used StubHub for sporting events both locally and out of state. I have never had a problem with the service; each time the ticket delivery was timely and the seats were as advertised. I would gladly use them again.” ~John Martin

“Stubhub has always been a great service for me. The only problem I had was when I purchased tickets for my wife and I to see the Dallas Cowboys play the Oakland Raiders in the preseason. The tickets I bought were for a section the Raiders ended up closing down, so we could not get in. Stubhub refunded my money and gave me a 50 dollar credit for another purchase. The customer service was quick and easy, and they went above and beyond for me. I continue to be a satisfied customer.” ~Jamar Ramos

“I’ve sold my extra college football tickets for years.  Never a problem, the service works like clockwork.  At the beginning of the season I set up those tickets I’m not using, and I’m done until the sale.
I’ve only bought tickets once, that being for an SEC basketball game.  Worked flawlessly in reverse as well. Love Stubhub.” ~Edward Owen

“I have bought and sold tickets on stubhub several times. Service is easy to use with no problems. Only complaint would be the high fees to buyers and sellers.” ~Isaac Porter

“Stubhub is great, we sell our Minnesota Wild tickets on it. Go to a lot of out of state tickets, and concert tickets. I also use Ticket master for the Wild tickets, I do have a problem finding a lot of game tickets on Ticket Master, I always seem to find what I am looking for on Stubhub. Never had a problem.” ~Brenda Marsh

“Stub hub rocks. I use them all the time. Have for years. One time we were in Cali and forgot our tickets back in sc….called them, and they issued new tickets and we picked up at will call. Def recommend.” ~Laura Carson

College Football Bowl Season

One of the most popular times of the year to make a ticket purchase is during the holiday season. College football is so prominent this time of year ESPN has dubbed the time period after Christmas until New Years Day “Bowl Week”. It is interesting to note that “Bowl Week” is much longer than a simple week. ESPN announcers are pushing the hashtag #bowlweek for fans to use on their favorite social network. There will be plenty of chatter on Twitter, Facebook and all the sports social media outlets.

Before going to any bowl game it is a good idea to look at ticket prices. With many of these bowl games being played in NFL football stadiums it is the case that tickets are going below face value. Before you call the ticket office of the football stadium it never hurts to look at websites such as Ticket Monster or Stubhub to see what prices are available. Just the other day I saw tickets to a bowl game for as low as $0.96. Yes, that is under one dollar. If you can get tickets this cheap there is no reason to buy them from the stadium ticket box office.

Some of the most popular bowl games in 2013 will be:

  • Holiday Bowl – Arizona State vs Texas Tech
  • Alamo Bowl – Oregon vs Texas
  • Chick-fil-a Bowl – Texas A&M vs Duke
  • Gator Bowl – Nebraska vs Georgia
  • Outback Bowl – Iowa vs LSU
  • Capital One Bowl – Wisconsin vs South Carolina
  • Rose Bowl – Stanford vs Michigan State
  • Fiesta Bowl – UCF vs Baylor
  • Sugar Bowl – Oklahoma vs Alabama
  • Cotton Bowl – Oklahoma State vs Missouri
  • Orange Bowl – Ohio State vs Clemson
  • BCS National Championship – Auburn vs Florida State

Hundreds of thousands of diehard fans will attend these bowl games over the course of the final week of 2013 and the first week of 2014. Some will use websites such as Stubhub or Ticket Monster to get their tickets. Rather than going into the purchase process blind and just gobbling up tickets at just any price it is a good idea to research the complaints and reviews for specific websites. Finding honest reviews is easier than ever as almost everyone has an opinion online these days. You may even want to hop on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ to see what diehard college football fans are saying about their ticket purchase experience.

The big time college football bowl games will likely sell out because fan bases want to get that vacation in before they start work in 2014. The will love the opportunity to spend a week in Tampa, Florida or New Orleans, Louisiana. When thinking about this vacation it is also a good decision to consider entertainment and lodging before booking the plane tickets along with the college football ticket purchase.

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Colin K
Colin K

I have heard some horror stories about selling tickets on stub hub and having to wait for payment. This has made me nervous to sell my own tickets on their site. I have used cragslist and have been able to sell my tickets, but it involves face to face interaction and 100’s of phone calls and texts after the tickets have been sold as well as people who want to bargain via phone. I am always worried about safety as well with craigslist, who says the guy buying my tickets wont rob me at gunpoint. I am, excited to see… Read more »

Danielle F
Danielle F

I am so glad you posted this because I thought I was one of the few that have had bad experiences with Stubhub. I used Stubhub to purchase two concert tickets for my sister’s birthday and I was outraged by the $45 fees that were tacked on and the poor customer service. From now on, I plan on using Ticket Monster to purchase tickets because they have zero fees and offer 100% satisfaction guarantees. Now that’s customer service!


This article is super helpful and I’m glad to hear more about websites like Ticketmonster. My experience with StubHub’s customer service has never been great and I’ll definitely be trying TicketMonster!!

Genna O
Genna O

Ive never liked stubhub because of the service fees and jacked up prices, but never knew what other sites to use. Thank to this I know about Ticket Monster and it will definitely be giving it a try! And now I know I am not the only one that feels this way!

Laura M.
Laura M.

We appreciate this informative article immensely as we too have had tickets not arrive and service fees packed on without our knowledge even when we specifically asked for a break down of the fees. We were mislead and so disappointed. It only takes one bad experience or one missing ticket to cause you to look for another site, so we will absolutely go straight to Ticket Monster from now on. Thanks so much for letting us know. We love the moneyback guarantee and no hidden charges that Ticket Monster offers for all events from football games to a JT concert!!!!

Melissa M.
Melissa M.

I’ve also heard plenty of bad experiences with online ticket retailers: fraud, scams, etc. I think the customer service department is to blame, simply because it is their job to correct any problems quickly and efficiently. If there is a discrepancy, customer service should go above and beyond to assure the customer is compensated. I think one of the biggest problems is inconsistent service. One consultant might respond phenominally, while another might brush the situation away. When it comes to consistent customer satisfaction, consistent and exceptional customer service is a must. Also, I think it’s worth keeping in mind that… Read more »


[…] If you want to read the blog post, here it is. […]


This website scammed me out of $350 and then charged me $200 for an inconvenience fee. TICKETMASTER is the way to go. does not verify the tickets are valid. When I called to fix this issue, the customer service rep yelled at me and the “executive manager” would not admit it.

Dennis O'Rourke
Dennis O'Rourke

I got jipped by u guys. I ordered jet season tickets and got them late
Plus there was no parking pass.

tony delcavo
tony delcavo

I had four tickets listed for sale on StubHub for World Series game 6 in Kansas City. At 7:41 on October 28th, the day of the game, two of the tickets sold. Due to a software glitch all four tickets were taken off the buyers’ view and no tickets were showing available in my section. I checked that section many times and there were never tickets available for sale the entire time (until 8:01 when I relisted them, but it was too late for them to sell). StubHub refuses to produce any documentation showing that buyers could see my tickets… Read more »