How to Successfully Use a Google Plus Local Business Page

If you need business help with a Google Plus page please feel free to reach out to me at I offer several packages that can help increase exposure on Google Plus and in Google search.

Deciding how to use a Google Plus Local business page in addition to a personal profile can often be quite difficult. Since Google released business pages and local pages to business owners it has been tough to determine how to successfully use both resources. Instead of going through months of trial and error it is best to seek the advice of someone who has been through it from the beginning.

There are many tactics I use to successfully run a Google+ Local business page as well as a personal profile. I will be the first to say that it is not easy. In fact, it will take quite a bit of patience and persistence. If you are looking for a “get +1s quick” scheme then you are likely going to fail. To build a strong business presence on Google Plus it is going to be very similar to building a real business. It will not happen overnight. Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned over the last two years.

Complete the Entire Google Plus Local Page About Section

The first step to successfully using a Google Plus Local business page is to make certain the profile is complete. If you are using a business page you have the opportunity to update the about me page. I would strongly suggest using great detail in this section of the profile. The more specific keywords you can use, the better. If you are an orthodontist in Miami you would want to mention other local areas in which you get patient phone calls. You would also want to mention each and every area of your practice.

Something that works well is to do a Google search for keywords related to your business or occupation. Google will give you plenty of suggested searches. If these suggested searchers relate to your practice or business make certain to add them to the about section. In my opinion, you cannot get too detailed in this section. My “About” section of my Google+ profile is well over 1500 words. Think of your Google Plus Business Page about section as your 10 minute speech to explain to a potential client or customer exactly what you do.

Once the About section is complete make certain that your website is linked from the business page. This link can be updated at any time. If you do not have your website linked you are missing out on traffic to your website. From an SEO standpoint this is a must. It will be a link back from a resource. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I also suggest adding your telephone number and business address to your Google Plus Local Business page. An 800 number is very effective. If you have a local business make certain to add your area code with the phone number. Also, if you have a local area you service make sure to make this apparent in your profile. You do not want to say you service the entire state of South Carolina when you are only willing to travel in and around the Greenville, SC area.

How to Post From a Business Page

If you have a Google Plus personal page that already has a strong presence you are well ahead of the game. This allows you to reach an audience that you have already built through time and relationships. If you do not have a personal profile it is not the end of the world. I will break this resource up into each of these circumstances.

If you have built a presence with your personal profile I would suggest using this following to start the growth of the business page. One out of every five or six posts can be a share of a post from the business page. As stated, having already built a following means more eyeballs will view your business page. Think about what has worked for your personal profile and use some of those techniques for your business page. You may have found that HDR photos, gifs or memes have worked well. Do not differentiate in terms of sharing to your business page.

In essence, you should create a post from your business page. One this post is live from your business page you can then go to your personal profile and share it to your personal profile audience. In the past I would have said that you should wait 15 or 20 minutes to share from the personal profile but after plenty of research I have found that it is best to share without waiting. Over 90% of your business page posts should relate to your business in some way. Every once in awhile it is acceptable to share something funny or interesting but try not to take it too far. Anything more than 10% is too much. Just because something is funny or interesting does not mean it cannot relate to your business in some way.

If you are new to Google Plus and you are looking for ways to share from a business page I would strongly suggest looking at my profile and seeing what works. There are many common strategies that have worked for both businesses and personal profiles. The most important thing is to be creative. Think of your business and think of ways to incorporate photos or gifs. No matter how specific your industry there are ways to use creativity. If you are a realtor you can share HDR photos of a new house. If you are a dentist you can share before and after photos after an oral surgery has been completed.

When a business struggles with ways to creatively come up with content they struggle on social media. Rather than struggling to build a Google Plus presence you can reach out to me at for some ideas. I have worked with over a dozen businesses in different industries to successfully build a Google Plus presence. This has allowed me to come up with a number of different packages that will help to increase views and search results.

Google Plus Naturally Helps with Google Search

One of the largest benefits of Google Plus is the exposure in search. There are a number of reasons that Google Plus naturally helps with search results. The main reason is that Google Plus is a Google product therefore Google can see exactly what is being done on the platform. If you are using natural methods to grow an audience Google is going to reward you for your hard work. If you do this through Facebook and Twitter, Google is unable to see that you are doing it ethically and naturally.

Google also offers businesses the opportunity to receive natural link backs. The new SEO is to act as a human rather than a computer. If you are sharing amazing resources to an audience that desires the content it makes sense that it would be reshared around the web. Google can see this which allows them to give you the stamp of approval that you are doing business the right way rather than begging for likes on Facebook or favorites on Twitter.

There are numerous search benefits from Google Plus. If your business benefits from ranking in search it is a no brainer to start using Google Plus today. If you need more information about sharing with a Google Plus Local Business page please feel free to reach out to me. One of the best things you can do is use that camera that you are carrying around with you at all times. Even an iPhone or an Android camera will produce amazing photos that get shared on social media.

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