Symbols in the O at the Beginning of Each Ozark Netflix Episode

UPDATE – On August 16th, 2017 Ozark was renewed for a second season. We will report the date of release when it is announced by Netflix.

No spoilers here but we wanted to publish the symbols at the beginning of each of the shows. Note that the symbols will foreshadow what is going to happen in each episode. If you would like, feel free to comment below with what each of the symbols or pictures represent.

Episode 1 – Sugarwood

Episode 2 – Blue Cat

Episode 3 – My Dripping Sleep

Episode 4 – Tonight We Improvise

Episode 5 – Ruling Days

Episode 6 – Book of Ruth

Episode 7 – Nest Box

Episode 8 – Kaleidoscope

Episode 9 – Coffee, Black

Episode 10 – The Toll

This show was absolutely fantastic. It is very similar to Breaking Bad but starts out even faster than Breaking Bad, if that is possible. If you are a fan of money laundering type TV shows with a little bit of “spice”, this is your show. From our understanding, they are planning five seasons if it gets renewed. How could this show not get renewed?!

42 thoughts on “Symbols in the O at the Beginning of Each Ozark Netflix Episode

  1. José Bacellar

    Do you know who is the graphic designer of the logos?

    They are as powerful as HBO The Young Pope’s opening.

    Thank you putting them all toghether. Loved the show, watched twice already.

    Great job!

  2. Late Jones

    Love these symbols – and the fact they always resemble the letters Z, A, R, and K.

    I can’t figure out what the top right one is, on episode nine, though.

      1. Jordan Clarke

        So the O is on the outside, the top Left is always in the shape of a Z, top Right is an A…. ETC…. So each logo contains the letters OZARK

    1. Seeb

      It’s a boat, viewed from an oblique angle, travelling away from the viewer toward the top right. The two figures and boat motor as dark marks in the boat make up the centre and top of the ‘A’, and the twin lines of the wake make up the legs of the ‘A’.

  3. shm

    Episode 1
    upper left – begging for life
    upper right – sears tower property
    lower left – private investigators findings
    lower right – plummeting lover

    Episode 2
    upper left – spillage of people
    upper right- rent a hiding spot
    lower left – * can’t figure out picture
    lower right- confrontation of the thieves

    Episode 3
    upper left – troublesome visitor
    upper right – dancing business
    lower left – lawn carcasses
    lower right – *can’t figure this one out

    That is all I have watched so far, maybe will come back to add more.

    1. LB

      Episode 2 – bottom left
      Looks like the dentures recovered from the accident – where the barrel tipped over

  4. Late Jones


    Jawbone (on its side) – I think the FBI agent found one half dissolved in the vats.
    Security cameras – from the bank/ATM scene?

  5. shm

    @Late Jones – I think both of those are correct! I’ll name those “anyone missing a jaw” and “someone is watching you”.

    1. Russell L. Sherman

      That is the jungle gym the former launderer kids were playing on in the flash back scene with the FBI agent at the playground.

  6. b

    Thanks for sharing. Brilliant show. Great characters, excellent acting. The title icons are a great visual enticement.

  7. Mark

    @ Candice…That is the symbol of the FBI Agent Petty as he is writing the license plate of Del’s vehicle down on the top of his wrist.

  8. Mark

    @ Jayhood…If you believe the symbol at top left of #8 is the global market…what is your meaning of the 2 kids on the Global Market?

    Like other posters have said, it is the shot of the 2 kids playing on the monkey bars at 5:24 into episode 8 where the Agent Petty is talking with the father on the park bench.

  9. Mark

    @ BT…Those stage lights at the strip club are actually the video cameras above the ATM machine where Marty takes Ruth and make her deposit the money, making her part of the crime.

  10. Bpl4328

    In 1:6 Book is Ruth there is a scene where their license plate shows “16SIX47”…what does that mean? Maybe it means nothing?


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