When Will the tbh App Be Available in North Carolina?

One of the most popular apps in the app store (the #1 app on September 16th, 2017) is the tbh app which is “where friends tell you what they like about you.” You can add friends, answer polls about friends, remain anonymous and get gems. Right now, the app is only available in Florida, Texas, Indiana, Georgia, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We have no idea why these states were first.

So, if you don’t live in one of those states, can you use the tbh app? The answer is no. When you start the app you have to verify your location. If you are not in one of these states you will get a message that says “Sorry thb isn’t available in your state yet but enable notifications to join the wait list.”

It may very well be the case that once the wait list gets so large for a state, it goes live. We will just have to wain and see. If you are in North Carolina, you might as well get on the waitlist and hope that it will be available in the very near future. No, this is not the same thing as Sarahah.

2 thoughts on “When Will the tbh App Be Available in North Carolina?

  1. Sharla

    So you are telling me that if your state does not have it available, you just have to sit around waiting for enough people to sit on the wait list with you and in might work?? What makes this app available in some states but not others? Is there a way to get around the wait list? Because mine will work for a Sec and then stall and say I am on the waiting list. But it is still technically working….


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