TEDx Denver Breathless Video

Wow. That is about all I can say. The TEDxMileHigh “Breathless” YouTube video is simply tremendous. Words cannot describe this amazing video. I will allow you to enjoy it yourself. The text transcript is below the video:

“It started with a spark. A pick axe striking stone. Digging for gold like a compliment. A flame burning across the crest of a stone wave, spreading until it became a city. A thousand golden lights shining brighter than all of the rings on Dealin Dougs fingers. So how much sunshine does it take to brighten the world? Over 300 days a year this landlocked lighthouse guiding the world’s safely to the shores of the granite’s ocean. A May snowstorm is only a cry for attention. A child. Tugging at her mother’s skirt.

The stone ripples of its clothe cascading across the front range. The tracks of the California Zephyr spreading like veins form open arms waving her children in for dinner. The gentle horizontal curve of Colfax is her hip where she balances her children raising us higher and higher because the sky is never enough and we already know that we can touch it. We can finger paint the atmosphere. We trained as screamers, we clean air singers, we west side dancers, we Five Points jazz swagger.

We are a game of street ball players played under a park hill sunset. We are a 16th street love story. We know that green chili it’s own food group, that it is not a birthday party unless it comes with sopapilla and cliff divers. That shoes are always optional. That an amphitheater is best when it is natural. The large blue statues of animals are national treasures.

That the world will not wait for you so you build it yourself. That is is important to know who are heroes are and treat them accordingly which means just like everyone else. This is an elevated stage. The world is watching so sing for them or just yourself. When the air is thin it makes your heart bigger. We know how to dream here. Our bodies have learned to pull what they can from the atmosphere.

It’s why we are a little crazier here. We play a little harder here. This home. This town. This speaker stone city. This cow town high noon symphony. Waiting for the rest of the world to catch up. To look them in the eyes while grinning and saying “yeah.” All those tall buildings show up beautiful but have you seen our mountains? That’s what a skyline is supposed to look like.”

The video was completed by AirBall Creative. I do not know the name of the song but the following information is available:

Directed and Produced by: Thaddeus Anderson and Woody Roseland
Poem written by: Ken Arkind
Narrated by: Theo Wilson
Music by: Dexter Britain

There are so many great quotes in this four minute video. If you are from Denver, Colorado you have to absolutely love this video. I am a fan of the Denver Nuggets fans going nuts and the Colorado Rockies enjoying the time in Mile High. The world will not wait for you so build it yourself.

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Ken Arkind
Ken Arkind

Hey there Jesse. This is the author of the Breathless Poem. Is there a chance we could talk? I appreciate you sharing the poem and I have a question for you.