“The Instagram account that everyone is talking about because…Her Link

The “Instagram Most Annoying User List” hack DM has been going around for the last week. We first reported it on July 15th, 2019 and it has been blasted out numerous times since. Many people will be searching for “The Instagram account that everyone is talking about because…” Her.io link. This is a real link but understand the Instagram DM is a hack. There is an article on Her.io with that title but that is not what the hack takes you to. The hack makes you log in to your Instagram account and steals your username and password.

You can Google “Most Annoying Her.io” and see that the article does not contain a user list or wall of Instagram users. The scammers are just using that to make you think it is real in hopes of you logging in and giving them your password. They will then use this password for other things like your email, GMail, bank account, Venmo or credit card login.

If you did log in, immediately change your password and change your password for any other accounts that have that password.

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My instagram account @wolfiecola_yt followers keep on lower after i open that dm and i left my instagram