The Pope is Here Snapchat Story on September 26th, 2015

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The Pope landed in Washington, DC next week and millions of Americans watched him parade through the city. Washington, DC was the first stop and the pope of the Catholic Church will be making stops in New York City and Philadelphia as well. Snapchat jumped on the bandwagon and had a national story for Pope Francis. Here are a few screenshots from the story:

pope-mass-service-snapchat pope-us-tour-2015-snapchat pope-francis-snapchat-story pope-is-here-snapchat-story

It would be interesting to see the number of people that watched this particular Snapchat story. I would imagine most younger Snapchat users are not all that excited about the pope coming to the United States. I could be wrong.

What did you think about this Snapchat story? Was it well done or could it have been done better?

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